Plus Size Birthday Outfit Ideas

In our quest for different dresses for young girls for different occasions, we continue to ponder up on various options for the girls to choose from. In our today’s episode we will discuss on the dresses for the curvy girls who are celebrating their birthday or taking part in other’s birthday celebrations.

So let us go through the various options here under, we will demonstrate an amount of beautiful plus size birthday outfit ideas and show you how wonderful these dresses were brought out by the plus size females:


This particular dress resembles the looks of a Greek Goddess. The double shouldered dress has a lot of gathers at the shoulders and has a deep V neck line. It i0078s a sleeve less dress with a tight waist line. Then the dress has a hip hugging fit with a lot of loose fabric and gives the, look of a wrap around Indian style ‘dhoti’. The both legs are covered by the loose fabric that is dropping from both sides of the waist. The dress is accompanied by a pair of high heeled sandals of leather matching the color of the dress.

This dress is not a dress but it is more of a frock for the girl. The navy blue fabric has a print of polka dots in white all over the frock. The frock is a three fourth sleeved dress with flares at the bottom. The neck line is a deep cut V that starts at the neck and ends at the waistline. The bodice is a bit loose fitting and the waist line is not so tight. The bottom skirt of the frock is cut from a bias fabric and resembles the cut of an A-line dress. On the whole this is a very smart dress that can be easily worn for the occasion. This goes well with a pair of high heeled sandals.


This outfit is a three piece ensemble that can be worn for the occasion. The first piece is a tight fitting lower that can be a jeans or a tight fitting trouser or any lower for that instance. The upper is a tight fitting top with a very deep neck line and could be with or without any sleeves. The third piece of the outfit is a very long shirt that is open in the front and is up to the calf muscles in length. It is like a loose trench coat that is justify open in the front to play with the breeze. The over coat is made of a dark printed fabric and is a loose flowing coat. This outfit goes well with a pair of white canvas shoes.


Now the dress that is in the row is a tunic that is just knee length and is pre sequined on the fabric before cutting it for tailoring from the fabric. It is totally black fabric with black shiny sequins that are fixed very close to each other to cover the entire fabric. The sequin is the beauty of the dress as the sequin is the highlight of the dress. The dress is a half sleeved dress with a wide boat neck for the girl. The sleeves are very loose and the shoulders are drooping shoulders that gives it a loose look. The dress on the whole is a very loose fitting dress that is loose right from the shoulders up to the bottom that is just below the knees length. There are chances that the sequin are broken at the time if stitching but they can be repaired by hand and needle very easily.

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