Points to be Considered Before Buying Water Purifier

Due to increased water contamination, waterborne diseases are increasing day by day. Hence people realize the need for water purifiers nowadays. But which water purifier you should buy is the concern of the hour. You must consider the below-listed points before purchasing a water purifier.

  • Water quality: You should first consider the essential quality of water. Whether the TDS is low or high is one of the vital criteria before making any decision. If the water has a low TDS level than gravity-based purifiers can do the job, these gravity-based purifiers can remove insoluble particles such as dust, sand, chlorine, and some bacteria. But if the TDS is high along with hardness and salinity than RO purifier is advisable. These purifiers can remove fluorides, arsenic, some heavy metals, and toxic impurities from water if the water contains a high amount of microbes and other contaminants than RO+UV+UF filtration is the only choice. Its working includes the effect of Ultra Violet rays, which penetrates the cells of bacteria and viruses. Eventually, they cannot multiply and die. Then the RO membrane removes these dead cells and thus making the water fit for consumption.
  • Storage capacity: RO purifiers need a constant supply of water if the water stored in the purifier comes below a certain level. So, if the water and power supply in the area is interrupting, the capacity of the purifier should be decided accordingly.
  • Water pressure: RO purifiers need water supply at a decent load. If the water pressure is low, then one can buy gravity-based purifiers, but if the TDS is high, then an extra pump can be installed to boost the strength.
  • Daily usage: You should know a rough estimate of the quantity of water needed daily from purifiers. Smaller purifiers will not solve the purpose, while bigger ones will incur an extra cost. So optimum size has to be decided before investing.
  • Cost: Budget is also one of the most important criteria for any appliance. If the budget is low, then you can opt for gravity-based purifiers. Also, you can search among different brands if some of the other purifiers are available.
  • Installation: Some companies take the installation charges from the customers while others do it on a complimentary basis. So one should keep in mind the extra cost inculcated for installation.
  • Warranty: Companies give different warranty time for different parts, be it on the motor, filter, or any other part. So, one should calculate the total extra costs if some or the other part is damaged or defective.
  • After-sales service: Again, one of the critical points when it comes to consumer durables. Water purifiers are such device which needs regular and timely maintenance. Genuine parts should also be available in nearby areas. So you should check the status (how many working days are required to get parts available) before investing in the purifiers. Buying Kent water purifier ensure you top quality Kent RO service after sales.
  • An annual maintenance contract (AMC): It should also be read carefully before buying. It includes the maximum working days for the arrival of maintenance persons along with needed parts. Also, please take into account the cost incurred in AMC and compare it with other brands. Aquaguard offers you best quality Aquaguard RO service for various AMC plans.
  • Outer body and aesthetic appeal: After giving importance to technical specifications, the looks and design of the gadget come into play. The design should be sturdy enough to withstand the change of place from time to time. Also, its exterior design should be appealing and pleasing.
  • Added new features: Now and then, companies add some extra features in the appliances. Sometimes these variants are useful, but sometimes it turned out as a marketing strategy. So one has to keep in mind the pros and cons of the new features as against their price.

Hence, preciously a sound water purification system is a key for the wellness and safety of the contaminations for the family. So it would help if you do market research and then analyze all the functions of the gadget. The present, as well as the future needs of the family, are to consider. Advertisements and some mere monetary benefits should not be considered before buying water purifiers.

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