Popular Artistic Hotspots to explore Florida off the beats

Quit boring Florida and find the Artistic sense in the Sunshine city this year

Florida is famous for its oranges, beaches, and Kennedy Space Center. But in the United States, the state is also known for its weirdness and quirkiness. The pleasant climate and long shoreline have always attracted writers, artists, and other unconventional personas.

Miami is the most popular hot spot for collective art and vibrant cultures. But a brief tour of the south and the west Florida will expose that the inspiration actually extends far beyond the big city. The FloridaKeys radiate an authentic vibe of the island, while St. Petersburg’s small town on the Gulf Coast delivers a stunning strike. Here are some of the most artistic — and somewhat eccentric — places of the Sunshine State.

Fashion Warehouse District

Trendy Wynwood

Wynwood used to be an abandoned warehouse block north of downtown Miami, and now it has become a paradise for street art lovers. The whole area looks like a massive collage of graffiti works. Thanks to the unconventional partnership between artists and urban developers, warehouses are gradually transformed into galleries, studios, and artist residents, and scattered with cafes, fashionable cafes. The unique shops-the atmosphere is alternative and artistic—a great place to take an afternoon stroll or have a fun evening in town.

Florida Keys-Art pit stop


Islamorada is a small “island village” halfway off the Florida Keys and is host to the lovely Morada Way arts and cultural district. The village was once a popular destination for recreational anglers, but it is still reflected in the paintings of struggling fish displayed in a few galleries. A quirky shop is filled with Tibetan costumes and trinkets and a small brewery, which is worth a visit. Every first Thursday of the month, the community will host Islamorada Art Walk and provide live music and food from local restaurants. Friendly, small, and nonsense: it is refreshing compared to Miami. Visit Florida by making American Airlines reservations and enjoy the offbeat side of Florida.

Miami Design District

Glamour design

In the Design District, Wynwood’s more elegant and high-end sister district located in the north of Midtown Miami is A creative district with outstanding achievements. It has more than 130 art galleries, luxurious interior design shops, And fashion boutiques. You will see here famous brands-such as Cartier,  Hermès, and Louis Vuitton-whose large flagship stores are concentrated around the upscale Palm Court shopping mall. The nostalgic Fly’s Eye Dome marks the entrance to the underground garage.

Key West in Duval Street

Key West (Duval Street Key West) is the southernmost point of the United States, only 150 kilometers from Cuba. Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams found in this base that they were a retreat for perfect writers, far from the usual American practice. Key West still gives off a carefree spirit of happiness and isolation, which eventually leads to a series of weird parades and events. After the rally on Duval Street, the main street of Key West, you can see a dynamic sculpture of cycling. There will always be something interesting happening. During the annual Hemingway Day celebrated in July every year, there will even be a Hemingway parade.

A gulf coast Surprise

St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is a small town in the Gulf of Mexico with a population of about 250,000. There are a staggering number of museums and galleries in the seven official art districts. The Central Art District exudes the hippie atmosphere of colorful graffiti murals. The solemn waterfront museum area displays Salvador Dalí’s most extensive collection of works outside Europe. The warehouse area is not only famous for craft beer but also artistic blown glass. Jet blue Reservations will offer you a bundled vacation deal for your next Florida Visit at a very reasonable price.

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