Print Custom Rigid Box for Eyelash Styling kits

Scintillating packaging would get the cosmetic junkies hooked to your products. If eyelash styling tools and kits are your brand’s specialty, display them in inviting boxes for stirring the interest of shoppers. Coruscating packaging would attract the customers looking for lash curlers and gels. You can use persuasive boxes for retail to smartly pitch the new offers. Buyers for beauty items are quite conscious about their aesthetic aspects. Bland or boring packaging would kill the impression and they will not bother exploring an offering no matter how amazing it might be. So don’t undermine the importance of attractive as well as most than others creative packaging boxes.

Custom rigid box packaging can be printed with intriguing artwork and catchy customizations. You can have these boxes printed in a striking style. Moreover, utilize the space on packaging for describing the specifications of the eyelash grooming tools and what makes them value for money. Boxes that compel the potential customers to get an overview of the items and complete a purchase would support you with increasing sales. You need to have the packaging printed with certain elements to get it work your way for landing shoppers. Pick a reliable and competent printing provider for getting the boxes custom made.

You will come across many online shopping stores and local vendor options but don’t make a preference without comparing and vetting their skills than others skills.

Some useful tips on printing riveting and result-oriented packaging

We have some insightful tips on printing riveting and result-oriented packaging for your beauty offers!

Design Details for Boxes ought to be lively

Packaging for eyelash styling kits need to be colorful and entrancing. Give suggestions to the graphics team on using imagery and themes that are engaging and relevant to the product. Name of the set embossed in a funky font would pop on the custom rigid box. You can have festive packaging designed for Christmas, Valentine’s and Mother’s Day deals. Window boxes can be made captivating by using 3D effects around the window.

Full Color Custom Rigid Boxes Wholesale

Packaging printed with full color technique is likely to last on shelves for a longer time period. Cardboard is the stock used in the process. Ask the printer to show you a sample so that you can view the various custom options like UV coating, raised ink and glossy/matte lamination. Boxes should be user friendly so that consumers don’t have a hard time opening, closing and storing them. Don’t choose a layout that doesn’t support product handling.

Packaging with Pictorial Tutorial

Boxes printed with simple to follow steps on applying the lashes, or using gel and curler to accomplish a voluminous look would make your items even more likable. Pictorial instructions are better than having chunks of text printed on packaging. You can also give tips and tricks on styling the eyelashes in different ways. Provide a link to your YouTube channel where detailed videos can be watched.

Boxes must have names and percentages of ingredients used in cosmetics especially the gel and fake lashes, care cautions and best before date.

Before trusting any of the rigid box manufacturers USA for your wholesale printing, ask questions about stocks, turnaround and pricing. You shouldn’t opt for a vendor that is not familiar with what’s new and trending and can’t bend rules for its clients.

Packaging Republic is accredited with providing personalized printing solutions to all kinds of businesses. Take a look at the box templates online and decide on the packaging layout you want. Orders are delivered on time and you can avail rush services as well!

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