Pros and Cons of Readymade Curtains

Readymade curtains an ultimate choice if you want to save your time and energy. They are the best option for a fuss-free window or door dressing. They are ready to hang straight out of the packing. All you need to select the design and color of your choice and measure the length and width correctly get them and hang straight away. Measurement might be a tiring task sometimes, here is a complete guide that can actually make this process easy.

Measuring guide for Readymade Curtains

Measurement of curtain width

Before buying online, check the measurements carefully. Always choose the curtain that has measurement quite close to your measurements. Here is the guide to measure the curtain width:

  • Measure the width across the track of the window, do not measure it across the window.
  • Do not include finials when you are measuring the width of the pole, measure from the pole only.

Measurement of curtain drop

Curtain drop means the height or length of the curtain. The curtain’s fall varies with the choice of the selecting person or according to the trends. The curtains must fall to the:

  • 5-2cm above the window sill.
  • 10-15cm below the window sill or 2-3cm above the floor.

Tips for choosing the right readymade curtains:

Here is a list of tips that will help you with selecting the best readymade curtains for your place.

  • The labelled measurement is for a single piece of curtain only, not for the pair.
  • For the perfect hanging choose the curtain double wider than the actual width of the window.
  • The curtains must finish 1-2cm above the floor if you do not want them to float.
  • The curtain must be 5cm longer than the measured length if you want them to float/touch the floor.
  • Do not use eyelet curtains for tracks.
  • Do not hang the curtains right above the window/door.
  • Choose the design/color according to the theme of your place.

Selection of curtains’ fabric

When you are choosing the curtain’s fabrics, pay attention to three things…

  • Material of fabric
  • The texture of fabric
  • & the color of the fabric.

These three things are combined in a number of ways to meet the needs of trends. Here is a list of designs, texture and combination of curtains.

  • The color scheme of curtains varies significantly.
  • Go for neutral shades as they give a modern and classy look.
  • White, white-blue, milky, vanilla and creamy shades are in fashion nowadays.
  • As far as the material is concerned, linen, cotton, silk, satin and chenille are being used.
  • Wool, velvet and chenille offer a more luxurious, royal and elegant look.
  • Curtains made of bamboo fibers are also a great choice for creating a classy look.
  • Taffeta is the best choice for creating a romantic atmosphere.
  • Use the curtains with multiple patterns and textures.
  • 3D prints look more elegant on satin fabric and look fashionable.
  • Silk tulle with velour curtains also look romantic and fancy, these are probably the best choice for bedroom and drawing-room.

Accessories for curtains:

With a modern and up to date interior, appropriate accessories are necessary. If you are looking for the right accessories for your ready-made curtains, here are a few tips that will help you a lot in selection…

  • Pickups and holders

    A number of pickups and holders are available in the market, made up of different materials and have different styles and colors. They can be eyelets, straps, hinges or rings. Choose the right thing that will adjust to the theme of your readymade curtains.

  • Ribbons and laces

    Ribbons and laces are also used for embellishment. Do not overdo it, just put the lace on the edges to create a simple classy look.

  • Blinds

    Blinds give curtains a more highlighted look. They help to maintain the amount of light and also help to dilute the tone of curtains making them more vibrant and brighter.

  • Lambrequins

    Lambrequins are mostly used for decorating the curtains. They enhance the shape and layout of curtains by creating the diversity of composition. They update the look quite well.

  • Tiebacks and handles

    Tiebacks are used to tie the curtains and handles to hang the tiebacks. These tiebacks are available along with the readymade curtains. If not, choose the right shade of tiebacks that complements your curtains.

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