Pure Copper Cat6 Ethernet Cable and its Best Features

There are different types of Ethernet cables you will find in the market such as Cat5e, Cat6, and many others. Each of them comes with different features and qualities. It vastly depends on your network needs and requirements that which cable suits it most. Therefore, the selection of Ethernet cable should be done after understanding your needs properly. Pure Copper Cat6 Ethernet Cable is one of the best choices among all of them.

The selection of the right cable makes your network more efficient and effective. With that, it allows you to plan your network in a better way for long-term use. For instance, if you pick the wrong cable then it may impact negatively on the efficiency of your network and you may have to keep investing in it in the future for its maintenance and improvement.

In today’s market, Cat6 Plenum Pure Copper is renowned as one of the most efficient networks cable to design small to medium size networks. These networks can be office-based or home-based. It comes with many useful technical features that resolve many of your problems related to network issues.

It is available in 3 different variations as per its rating type. All of them have their separate pros and cons. Hence, the difference between them is maybe their data transfer speed limits, bandwidth capacities, or the use of conductors in their manufacturing.

Some are high-speed variants that come at high prices. Whereas some come with moderate speed limits at reasonably low prices. Therefore, it is up to you and your network needs for the selection of an appropriate networking cable for it. It should be the one that fulfills all your needs and demands appropriately.

In this article, we will discuss some main features of Cat6 cable variants and their benefits.

3 Variants of Cat6 Cable According to Jacket Type

Mainly, it is manufactured in 3 different jacket types.

  • Plenum
  • Riser
  • PVC

Plenum Rated: –

The above-mentioned jacket types differentiate the uses of Cat6 cable. For example, the plenum-rated cable is manufactured to be installed at the plenum spaces of the buildings specifically. Although it can be used at the riser or vertical spaces as well it is not recommended due to its high cost.

CMP-rating outer jacket Ethernet cables are generally considered top-ranking cables. They are highly effective against crosstalk and EMI. With that, they are highly resilient against fire and do not produce any toxic substance.

Riser-Rated: –

The riser variant is generally less expensive as compared to the plenum. Therefore, at riser and vertical spaces, it is the best option to use. CMR-rated outer jacket Ethernet cable is not low-grade by any means. They carry excellent properties against crosstalk and EMI just like plenum.

With that, they carry features like fire-retardant and UV-resistant that makes them superior quality cables. The only drawback with Cat6 Riser Cable is that they cannot be installed in plenum spaces of the building. You can use them at riser spaces or outdoors during network designing.

PVC Rated: –

A PVC-rated variant is the cheapest one among all three. It is for outdoor installations only. It comes with an external waterproof coating that protects it from heat, moisture, and other external factors. These cables also come with excellent crosstalk and EMI features.

Pure Copper Cat6 VS CCA Conductors

The Ethernet cables perform very well on the usage of good conductors in their manufacturing. Pure copper is the best conductor option to use in their manufacturing. Cat6 plenum pure copper cables come with excellent attenuation properties. Attenuation means they are very good at preventing signal loss or dropping them. They keep your network signals up all the time.

Whereas, CCA conductors do not have such great qualities. Copper-Clad Aluminum cables do not have a very good attenuation feature. They drop the signals that impact negatively the performance of the network. Similarly, they do not have any comparison in crosstalk and EMI properties as well against pure copper conductor cables. Pure copper cables are much more superior in this comparison.

Certifications for Pure Copper Cat6 Cables

These cables normally come with two types of certifications.

  • UL Certification
  • ETL Certification

They deal with the safety standards of the cables. A cable that possesses these 2 certifications means that they are tested against all safety standards set by these two governing bodies. All Ethernet cables test against those set standards and have both these certifications.

Shielded VS Unshielded

Ethernet cables with an extra shield are also known as STP cables and cables without them are known as UTP cables. STP cables come with an extra layer of foil coating on the twisted pairs of wires inside their jackets. This layer can come with a single pair coating of wire or all 4 pairs come with coating in one layer as well. Hence, this layer enhances the cable feature of crosstalk and EMI. STP cables are expensive than Cat6 UTP cables.

Data Transfer Rates & Bandwidth of Pure Copper Cat6

When you are judging the performance of a network, the data transfer speed is the first thing you need to check. What do you want to see in a good network? The speed should be fast and constant. Therefore, cat6 pure copper 1000ft is the best option to choose to enhance your network performance. It gives you a 1Gbps data transfer speed with a maximum bandwidth of up to 550MHz. Thus, It is way better than the speeds of cat5 or cat5e cables. Therefore, cat6 plenum 1000ft is the best option to select to design a high-performance network.

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