QR Improves Blockchain Security

What Are QR codes?

The QR or the Quick response codes are the barcodes in the matrix style. These are usually printed on the papers(Flyers and billboards) or digital media (Online portals and apps). The QR codes act as the communication tool which uses the data from digital or printed mediums for retrieving data.

Today not only do marketers enjoy the QR codes but every person finds the QR codes very convenient to use as it optimises campaigns. In Spite of entering any web addresses manually, the QR codes can terminate the potential errors.

Is QR Hackable?

One of the best benefits of using the QR technology is that the system has no potential security flaws. It is impossible to be hacked. Sometimes many people can connect the security risks with QR code usage – Malware, phishing and hacking. The main point is that QR code technology is safe and secure but it comes from the last destination of every code which usually can pose a vital threat.

QR Codes With Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is revolutionary in itself and is used in several industries. Nowadays the blockchain technology is functioning much for addressing the challenges in securing the data of users. The technology is adopting systems to prevent hostile cyber-attack crimes. The amalgamation of QR codes with blockchain technology can enhance the security system of the users, especially the bitcoin users.

Blockchain secure QR code therefore users get double benefits.

Security Issue To Deal With

Any kind of security problem stops the potential growth of blockchain innovations. Even the long term adoption of blockchain technology can hinder due to security problems. Blockchain technologies are embracing more and more users so companies are finding stronger ways for securing their platforms/ portals. Do you know that every single day, more than 100K users have been joining various crypto trading platforms? It does not let the attackers stop the exploitation of the vulnerabilities in several products.

An article by Richard Malone has reported on the epic vulnerabilities of one platform. The globe’s 5th largest cryptocurrency, Electro-Optical System is planning to compete with the popular Etherium. The big problem is – the attacker can steal the private key. They can even publish a hostile smart contract. It will permit an attacker to take the power  of the whole network, which can leave all the wallet nodes as well as exchanges unprotected from theft attacks.

The QR Code Encryption System

Mobile crypto-asset manager tools can enhance the security system which can replace the mnemonic phrases along with the private keys. The latest 2 layered system can permit the users to access their accounts with ease by using an ID based on a QR code. They need to answer some of the security questions.

The usage of QR codes guarantees the best way for securing a wallet (Maybe your bitcoin wallet). You may get a few Mobile crypto-asset manager tools that point out the extra need to answer particular security questions to the user and this portion adds a great layer of security to the blockchain system. Your private keys will not appear like text in your wallet. Every crypto asset manager tool is unfastening their latest technology to 3rd party IT developers for improving the security of wallets for blockchain technology users. Many new companies are now promoting their latest user-friendly systems like a bridge for linking the centralised & decentralised system, and are hoping to solve all the security problems for the blockchain items at the same point in time making them hassle-free to use.

Advantages of Using QR Codes For Cryptocurrencies

Anything involving the use of QR codes has several advantages that make the system useful. The major advantage is convenience and simplicity. You may not need to type and address the cryptocurrencies where the errors( be it the payee or payer) may happen usually. If you miss one character also the whole transaction can fail at once. It is one of the common problems while dealing with cryptocurrencies.

Another advantage while using QR codes in blockchain technology is speed. It takes very little time and you will not need to wait. Without the QR codes typing data all by yourself takes much time. A QR code can help it to occur in a few seconds only. The complete process is secured. At the utmost, if some person is having your cryptocurrency’s address the ultimate they can do is just send money but cannot take single money from your wallet.

So we have seen there are no doubts in the security standards of the usage of QR codes for blockchain technology. No risks are associated with the QR codes. Not a single person can make payments by your name or take out money from your wallet. Blockchain technology with QR codes is extremely secure and exposes you to zero risk. Blockchain secure QR codes and QR codes enhance Blockchain security.

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