Radio stations in Ghana

Radio is the common platform for entertainment for the people of Ghana. An enormous amount of 575 FM has gotten authorization from the Broadcasting Ministry of Ghana. Yet, 428 FM radio stations are currently operational. These radio channels have covered almost the entire country.

Popular Radio Stations in Ghana

In this article, we will discuss a few of the most popular radio stations in Ghana.

Peace FM

Peace FM online is one of the leading news channels of Ghana. The audiences have been enjoying the channel for a while now for the delivery of information & entertainment purpose. This radio FM is owned by Despite Media Group. The radio station cum news channel keeps up-to-date its audience about various news regarding politics, arts, music, business, entertainment that have been happening around the African continent. The channel also provides radio on demand. The radio channel is located in Accra; the capital of Ghana, its target audience is middle to upper-class income people to enlighten them about business & political facts.

Accra FM

Accra FM lives or Ghana web has a rich history. The radio channel was established two decades ago as the print magazine, and the website launched in the year 1999. The web page features news stories on topics like politics, business, sports, entertainment. This is a radio channel that has launched the very first content curate & syndication website of Ghana that offers news along with a radio station. This channel is a privately owned legal set up by a company in the Netherlands. The channel was solely made for Ghanaian people, edited & broadcasted by a renowned team of journalists & editors who ensure quality & authentic news are published.

Ghana Talks Radio

This is relatively a newly opened channel, have been trying to set a foot in the broadcasting world. But it has been delivering quality content with utmost precision. It was launched as a news web platform initially that delivers a wide range of information about Ghana. The platform not only provides information about current affairs that have been happening around us but also delivers important cultural information about Ghana. These include information about Ghanaian cuisine, Ghanaian music & dance, Ghanaian demography, etc. The motto of the station is to launch the voice of youth so that their voice can be heard by common people.

Joy FM

The FM channel is sponsored by The Multimedia Group. This group is the largest independent entertainment company in Ghana. It was founded in 1995. The company has started its operation as a single radio station. It has now become one of the largest broadcasting companies. The radio station works not only as a broadcasting company but also as a medium of creative arts & entertainment. The channel gives more priority to the gospel music industry of Ghana. The multimedia group has provided access to radio & TV in such parts which previously considered as remotest places. The FM broadcasts issues that have been happening around Africa.

Angel FM

This is a Kumasi-based radio station, located in the Western Region of Ghana. The radio station broadcasts national issues as well as international. Apart from being just a radio station, the broadcaster works as a medium to convey news about sports, music, entertainment, etc. It has its podcast show to entertain the listeners. The radio station also believes in the fact that listeners should listen to what matters most to them. The genre of the radio station is mainly African music & news and entertainment, but the channel emphasizes other issues too, i.e., lifestyle, fashion, business, politics to entertain more its listeners.

Anidaso FM

Anidaso FM is located in Japekrom in the Brong Ahafo region of Ghana. The radio station is called the sunshine station of Ghana. This is the English language based radio station which is recently established. This FM brings up fun shows for the listeners. Also, tempo music, competition, and live sports broadcast are telecasted. The focus of this radio channel is to the upliftment of the youth & the society as a whole. The radio channel tries to bring up cultural & family values through its shows so that the traditions are not lost. They also organize family-oriented talk shows.

These are a few  radio stations in Ghana. that are popular & have been serving in their arena efficiently for a while now.

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