Why Flutter is considered the Future of Mobile App Development?

As technology is advancing; so is the need to work fast and efficiently is the topmost priority. For that flutter app developers try to find new ways and tools for the achievement of the task. If you are a mobile app developer then you need to have a specific kind of software that create the apps fast and easily.

Flutter Features of the Future according to flutter development experts

According to many Flutter development experts; Flutter has all the essential features that can help developers in the near future to perfectly design mobile apps. Although there are several features of Flutter that are extremely useful; but the following ones are that determine the whole outlook of Flutter.

Singular Codebase

If developers are requested to create a mobile app for both Android and iOS; the first difficulty they may face is that they have to build separate codes for both. But with Flutter; developers use a single code. This makes it effortless for the app builders to test the app at the spot.

Widget Tree

There are a total of 14 widgets in Flutter which handle different applications ranging from text to images. The widget tree is a kind of a map for the developers to follow; so that they don’t face any problem as they are developing mobile apps.

Rendering the Pixels

At many times you must have seen that various images on the screen get distorted when zoomed in. this is because the pixels are not rendered properly. Or sometimes the older version of devices are not compatible with the application. But Flutter is designed to support all of the gadgets.

Hot Reload

There are mobile app development systems that are capable of showing the result of the developed app when it is ready. The developers have to go through the same process over and over again to see the changes that they have made. But Flutter’s Hot Reload enables the developers to make the adjustments at the very spot and view it in real-time.


As discussed above; Flutter uses a single code for multiple platforms. In the present, it can support desktop, web and mobile. But Google is busy to make it a point that Flutter becomes compatible with all platforms. Also by using a singular coding technique to make the development of app accessible on all platforms.

Reasons to Consider App of the Future

There are many reasons as to why various developers and mobile development companies Esparks to mainly mention; choose Flutter to create mobile apps for their clients. There is software that developers can use but Flutter is the most popular of all because of the following reasons.

The Development Process is swift

The Hot Reload makes it very easy for the developers to view the changes that they make at the spot. The also makes that speed of the development process swift and in half time you can create the app requested by the client. The bugs that are created are also fixed immediately.

Unity of Applications

All of the applications and widgets available in Flutter are unified to be used by the Android, Windows and iOS. This is important to note that this unification makes the development of apps on multiple platforms easy and fast. The various operating systems can be easily managed with Flutter.

Auto-save of Data

The Hot Reload not only shows the developer what the app will look like during the creation stage; but also automatically saves the changes made. Like in ordinary applications and software; you have to press the commanding keys. In Flutter, you can set the auto-save timing and the process will be saved after the interval of the time.

Minimal code is applied

The language used by Flutter that is Dart enables the developers to use one code for frontend and backend. The code used for the frontend can also be used for backend; using as minimal code as possible. This saves a lot of time and the developers can focus on other tasks as well.

Creating Minimal Viable Product

If you want to test run the app developed then it will be a good idea to create MVP or Minimal Viable Product. In this, a mobile app is designed with the basic features to test the app’s popularity amongst a group of people.

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Switching Between Themes

It is not a set rule that the themes for Android can never be used for iOS and vice versa. If the developer thinks that a font style of Android will look good in the iOS app then; he/ she can use it without any hesitation.

Boost in the Capacity of Work

The features of Hot Reload and auto-save are the best things to boost the capacity of work. This saves time, money and other resources and makes collaboration between various platforms easy.

No extra Amount charged for Primitive Version

The best quality of Flutter according to Flutter development experts is this application developer is not only compatible with older versions of the devices but also cost of downloading of built-in apps and widget has no additional char

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