Reasons to Shop From Wooden Furniture Exporters

India has always been known as a manufacturing hub. We manufacture not just clothes and gadgets but also, many types of furniture. There are a number of wooden furniture exporters in India. They manufacture furniture for homes, for schools, for offices and more. Where earlier, many exporters only served the foreign markets, today, many of them have launched secondary brands to cater to the Indian market. Let’s look at some of the advantages of shopping from such brands.

High Quality Standards

One of the biggest advantages of shopping from wooden furniture exporters is that you get access to furniture that matches high quality standards. After all, the company has worked with International merchandizers and understands the quality standards that need to be maintained.

They are known to be careful about the type of wood used, how the wood is dried and treated, how it is assembled into furniture and finally how it is to be polished. Exporters are known to pay much more attention to quality checks at every stage than local manufacturers. Since they have had to match international quality standards, they are less likely to use substandard wood and will use the best techniques forassembly.

International Designs

Apart from the quality, there is also the design factor to be considered. Exporters keep track of international trends and are much quicker with catching up with the trend game as compared to local carpenters. They study the trends abroad and introduce them to the local markets.

Thus, when Art Deco furniture made a comeback, the Indian furniture manufacturers who catered to the international market began offering similar designs to their Indian audience as well. They also keep track of the finishes that are trending. When the industrial look gave way to a duco finished look, exporters were the first to offer the same to the Indian market.

It is also important to note that exporters usually have their own design teams. Thus, every design that the exporter sells will be unique in some way.

Exceptional Service

Exporters have plenty of experience working with merchandizers from across the world. They have excelled at the art of after sales service. In doing work with international brands, they have had to develop clear policies on after sales service, quality controls, payment options, returns, etc.

Thus, there is no ambiguity on what would happen if a piece delivered to you is damaged in transit or if it does not fit your space. These are policies that can be clearly seen on the retailer’s website so you know what you can and cannot do even before you place an order.

Tried and Tested

One of the things every designer will advise you is to shop only from brands that have a good reputation and that have been referred to by others. This is because, if someone has had a good experience with the brand, there’s a high chance you will too.

Exporters come recommended not just by individuals who buy single pieces of furniture but also be retailers who buy wholesale stock and then resell it as well as corporate buyers who need furniture for large scale projects. Since they have been able to service large orders without an issue, there’s a very low risk of your order not being processed expertly.

Established Shipping

As an exporter, the company would already have relationships in place with couriers and delivery agents. They would have signed deals with delivery agents who have proved they can handle furniture well and ensure that it moves from the warehouse to the customer’s doorstep without any damage.

On the other hand, local manufacturers who are just starting to ship furniture across the country to their customers may not have such relationships and may have to depend on generic shippers instead of people with relevant expertise. Hence, there’s a chance that the furniture may be damaged enroute.

Shopping for a sofa, a dining table or a bed from wooden furniture exporters is quite simple today. Most furniture retailers have an online presence and allow you to browse through designs, study their details and place orders for the same from your laptop or phone’s screens. No matter how big or small the piece may be, it will then be delivered to your home. It’s the most convenient way to shop!


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