Replacing and Installing a Kitchen Sink Drain from a Plumber

Are you thinking to replace the kitchen sink and install a new one? If yes, then you need to follow step by step procedure for installing a kitchen sink drain. The procedure is quite easy for anyone who knows the right DIY plumbing skills. In case you haven’t done plumbing work earlier, it is suggested to begin with a basic project such as replacing inner parts or the faucet of the toilet or kitchen. Alternatively, you can also think of contacting an emergency plumber in London area and hire him to get the work done quickly.

To start with it, make sure you know the structure of your kitchen sink drain. This will include the following:

  • Sink basket
  • Tail piece which is the long and straight part of the sink
  • P-trap which is curvy part that gets hooked up to tail piece
  • Drain pipe which is the piece that attach to the P-trap and go inside the wall

You can begin the work by installing the sink basket and then move to the drain pipes. It is recommend to dry fit before puttying and then tightening everything into the place.

Installing the kitchen sink basket

Materials required:

  • Sink basket and all the parts such as friction ring, rubber washer and nut
  • Basket wrench
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Plumber’s putty

Installation process:

  1. Create a rope of plumber’s putty and then push it in the sink basket.
  2. Drop sink basket with plumber’s putty into the sink bottom.
  3. Depress the basket at the bottom of the sink and then push it down so that the putty gushes out the sides of your basket.
  4. Place rubber washer that came with sink basket onto the underside of the sink where the basket comes out from the bottom of sink hole. After this, you need to place cardboard friction ring on the rubber washer.
  5. Thread the nut at the bottom of sink basket by locking cardboard friction ring and washer in proper place.
  6. Use basket wrench to tighten the nut. If the sink basket turns into its hole, use needle-nose pliers for gripping the basket and then stopping from turning further.
  7. Use fingers to wipe away plumber’s putty.

Installing Drain Pipes

Materials needed:

  • Tail piece
  • P-trap with clean-out
  • Fitting trap adapter
  • Straight pieces that are cut down to a particular size by using a hacksaw
  • Slip nuts for each connection
  • Washers for each connection between the pipes

There aren’t several reasons for changing the drain pipes of a kitchen sink, but one common reason is at the time of renovation when the sink needs to be replaced immediately. The essential steps for installing a sink drain depend on how different the new sink is and what components should be installed. You may get in touch with experienced plumbers in London at 4D Heating and Plumbing who can give the right suggestion in this case.

About the procedure:

  1. Place tail piece washer at the top of the pipe and then slide the slip nut onto the tail piece from the bottom. After this, thread slip nut at the bottom of sink basket.
  2. Slip fitting trap adapter at the bottom of tail piece and then make trap adapter tight.
  3. Place the piece into the drain and use slip nut to attach the pipe to the drain.
  4. Place P-trap in between the tail piece that comes from the sink and straight piece going in the drain. Use slip nut for attaching the pieces and putting a washer at either end of the P-trap.
  5. Tighten tail pipe, P-trap and drain pipe till they fit properly and then tighten by using a wrench.

These days, search strings like “emergency plumber near me” will help you to find a reliable plumber in your area who can help to solve all your plumbing issues during emergency.

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