Reusable bottle, a first step towards zero waste

Drinking bottled water is not environmentally friendly. Using a Reusable bottle is an excellent alternative to disposable bottles. This significantly reduces the impact of bottled water consumption on the environment.

The advantages of reusable bottles

Plastic bottles have a negative impact on the planet. Much of it ends up in the oceans often forming islands of waste. It’s no secret that disposable bottles quickly become waste once emptied of their contents. They accumulate to pollute public places, fresh water sources, beaches, mountains and other places marked by human activity. They have a lifespan of up to 400 years. Thus, they do not disappear quickly once thrown in nature. It’s worth pointing out that not all plastic water bottles end up in a recycling centre.

Fortunately, today there is an alternative to disposable plastic bottles. Reusable bottles are better for the planet. They reduce plastic waste that pollutes the environment. In France, nearly nine billion litres of bottled water are consumed. This represents millions of tons of plastic waste. More and more French people have become aware that it is necessary to act for the preservation of the planet by reducing the consumption of bottled water thanks to the use of reusable water bottles or quality insulated bottles.

The importance of preserving the environment

There is still time to act for the preservation of the environment because the oceans are increasingly polluted by plastic. Scientists point out that plastic accounts for 75% of pollution in the sea. By choosing to use a reusable water bottle, you contribute to the preservation of nature since it can be reused. This type of bottle allows you to consume bottled water in a different way by considerably reducing plastic waste. It has less impact on the environment and there are no dangerous consequences on health.

The different types of reusable bottles

You have the choice between several types of reusable water bottles:

Aluminium water bottles

Aluminum is appreciated for its lightness, its great resistance to corrosion, its accessibility and the possibility of recycling it. Reusable aluminium bottles have an excellent shelf life. They can hold hot drinks keeping the heat for hours. Most models benefit from a food-grade interior coating to preserve the taste of your drink. The ideal is to opt for a model dressed in a BPA-free resin.

Reusable glass bottles

These bottles are distinguished by their elegance. They are durable, but they are not suitable for children. They do not alter the taste of drinks. Glass is a healthier material. Reusable glass bottle are easy to clean.

Reusable stainless steel bottles

This type of bottle has a long lifespan. This material is hygienic and there is no taste transfer. Your drink stays cool. Stainless steel bottles are fully recyclable. They are suitable for cold or hot liquids.

Reusable plastic bottles

The lifespan of reusable plastic bottles is lower than other types of bottles. However, this type of reusable bottle are fully recyclable, cheaper and easy to clean. It is not suitable for hot drinks. Besides, your liquids do not retain their freshness. Choose a BPA-free model.

You should know that there are reusable water bottles that you can customize. They are an interesting gift that you can give. No matter what type of bottle you use, remember to clean it well.

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