Role of Dairy Farm Solutions in Cattle Husbandry

Raising healthy and strong calves is not easy; it requires some investment, tolerance, a lot of life, and a lot of information. I asked my believers through online media what advice and scams they care about most, and what are you really concerned about. Maybe, you know everything and have tried everything, but you will definitely find something new and useful. 

Calves are the only stage that requires nurturing to become a healthy cattle afterwards. To determine the destination of a milking calf it is important to look after all the aspects that are required for a calf to develop into a healthy cattle. To look after the wellbeing of a growing cattle, get hold of dairy management software.

6 Aspects All Dairy Farmers Must Follow to Nurture a Calf:


  • It is important to understand how much 4 liters of colostrum is required for calves in the early stages of life.
  • The quality of colostrum is very important.
  • Consider buying a Brix refractometer to check your colostrum.

Horn – Clipping

  • After attaching the horn, try using a men’s beard trimmer instead of scissors to move the hair back.
  • Use rubber bands and apply glue with your fingers. Maintaining consistency and order is essential as the delegates completely agree.


  • Use scales to quantify the amount of milk supplement and eliminate human error.
  • Place a dog bowl or frozen yogurt base in a newborn calf cereal container. This way they can get grains without losing their heads.
  • Put it in a deep bucket and encourage them to eat grains. This can also prevent overloading the calf. 
  • Put the yogurt in the milk. If you are looking for a subsiding way to feed your cow, then try purchasing calf milking bottle India. These bottles are equipped with spilling proof nipples promoting cattle husbandry.

Show Restraint

  • Yogurt contains lactic acid, a corrosive organism, which can help lower the pH of the calf’s stomach to a level where E Coli cannot stimulate.
  • Consider prescribing a major probiotic for intestinal wellbeing.

In Winters

  • A large bucket and bathtub instead of the floor to reduce the number of mid-year flies and ice in the coldest season.
  • Put the grain bucket inside the cubby to prevent it from getting wet.
  • The coldest time of the year, the milk temperature is maintained by placing an inflexible crib on the bottle. Distinguishing between the processed calves, weaned calves, non-milking calves, etc., is the top priority.


  • In the coldest months of the year, use sawdust and straw bedding to keep the boxes warm. You can also place tickets in front of the box.

Although as these cattles grow they require specific management and care to be productive. The main role of dairy cattle is to produce highly efficient milk yields so that humans can get hold of dairy products to nurture their household with predefined immunity diets.

To stabilize the health of cattle these days dairy farms are getting installed with multiple Dairy Farm solutions India to reduce the load on farmers from day to day activity promoting productivity.

Modern Barn Equipment Made in India

Some of the modern barn equipment made in India are mentioned below that is helpful in converting a standard dairy farm into an advanced dairy farm.

  • Milking parlor automation India

     Milking parlors are useful machines that can fit around 40-50 cows per hour for the milking process twice a day. These machines do not require additional labour to extract milk yields. Just 2-3 people are enough for the whole process from lining up for the milking process to exiting out after the milking process. One of the most used and traditional parlors offered today is parallel milking parlor India. These parlors stack the cattle in two lines facing each other so that no cattle get hyper and stand comfortably during the milking process. Animals do corporate when they see that they are not alone in this. Having watchfull that other animals are treated the same, they become relaxed.

  • Automated milking parlor India

    Automated Milking Parlors are parlors that do stack the cow themselves and do the milking process by themselves. To get hold of the cattle they are installed with hydraulic galvanic lifters that keep the cattle in a particular position until the milk extraction procedure is done successfully.

  • Dairy Management Software

    Dairy management is equally important for dairy farmers. In recent years dairy farm technologies have come up with smart ideas to keep track of cows’ health, location, and diseases. This helps the dairy owner to take care of the cattle prior milk extraction so that the milk quality does not downgrade.

  • Teat dip solution

    Teat Dip Solution is a formula that is used to clean the udder of the cows before preparing them for the milking process. This solution is antibacterial so it removes any bacteria present on the udder to promote healthy milk extractions.

Analyzing the above information, it is clearly proven that dairy farms are now more aware of cattle husbandry. Placing an ill cattle with a healthy cattle can affect the milk quality, so using these smart solutions barn owners can be warned about a cattle sinking health and treat them with extreme care prior to fatality.

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