Santa Ana Private Property Towing: Deterring Unauthorized Parking in Your Area (OCPPI)

Do you own a business in Santa Ana with a storefront? Have you been dealing with unauthorized parking issues in your reserved area? Well, you are not alone. A large number of businesses with reserved car parking face unauthorized parking troubles, every alternate day. While it’s only natural to stand clueless or calls the cops for help, there are still other ways to deal with it.

One of the easiest ways to go about it is to call for a private property towing service. Santa Ana private property towing service is outright functional and reaches the reported spot soon to tow away the vehicle in question. Thus, as a business owner, it gives peace of mind and saves you from other troubles in the row. In this post, we take a look at the advantages of private property towing and how to deter unauthorized parking for good.

Staying informed

As a business owner struggling to keep unauthorized vehicles away from your property, it does help to stay informed about the law. For starters, one needs to know that towing laws for unauthorized parking in a private property differs from the street. In some cases, it attracts hefty fines if one illegally goes on to move a vehicle without the consent of the owner. Not to mention, one might run into an ugly confrontation while attempting to do so.

The signage law, as such, doesn’t have much difference between one state and another. However, it is in your best interest to contact the local authority to figure out your rights to avoid any conflict. In any case, before you call the towing company, you should make a note down the number from the registration plate and if possible take a snap of the parked vehicle which might come in handy later on.

Signage requirement

For a typical residential homeowner that has four units or less, it is not required to keep towing signage for unauthorized parking. However, for a commercial property owner, like an office building, shopping mall or a condo community, it is required that you put up towing signage prominently at each entrance of the property, at the eye level. This should help the motorist locate the signage from a distance and steer clear of the driveway. Never choose to hide signs at the back of the parking spot.

In case, your reserved parking lacks a curb cut at the entrance, you must place multiple signages every 20-25 feet. One also needs to keep in mind the size of the signage which shouldn’t be any less than 18/24 inches. Additionally, one needs to use a weather-resistant material to ensure that the letters in signage stay intact and don’t face away easily.

The letter height is to be maintained between 1-4 inches against a contrasting background. It should also be reflective to stay visible during the night time or under low light conditions. Lastly, it should mention who all have parking rights to the reserved spot referring to the State Vehicle Code that authorizes one to use Santa Ana Private Property towing to tow away any unauthorized vehicle.

Having said that, there still exist certain exceptions to the towing rule. While any unauthorized and abandoned vehicle doesn’t require any notice to be towed away, the rule doesn’t apply for vehicles belonging to fire-fighters, police, rescue squads or emergency vehicles like ambulances.

Steps to follow post towing

Towing away an unauthorized vehicle from your reserved parking doesn’t end the show. One needs to follow some steps to ensure things are being done in line with the law. One needs to notify the local authorities within an hour from towing away the vehicle in question. Generally, operators at Santa Ana Private Property towing issue a written notice mentioning the following:

  • The details of the car
  • Reason for towing
  • The current location of the vehicle (which is mostly the nearby impound lot )

If one can identify the legal owner of the vehicle, he may direct the towing operator to hand over the notice to the concerned person. In case, the registered owner can’t be found, and no claim is made within 120 hours, the notice goes to the Stolen Vehicle System under the Department of Justice. Furthermore, if the towed vehicle is kept inside a public garage, a copy of the notice is to be sent to the garage proprietor or owner as well.

Wrap Up

Unauthorized parking within a reserved spot is an everyday reality that business owners have to deal with. Despite several warnings, there is always some smart dude who cares a fig about the law. In such cases, one should immediately call for Santa Ana Private Property Towing to steer clear such vehicles away from your property.

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