Select the Perfect Shoes to Match Your Outfit Style

With nearly limitless styles and colors of wholesale womens shoes to choose from, who can blame a woman for having a personal shoe store in her wardrobe? Shoes are almost magical, they won’t shrink in the dryer and they’ll always fit, even if you ate that big piece of chocolate cake last night. So why not stock them up? Every pair of shoes tells a story, but the wrong pair can tank your outfit style. So finding the perfect shoes that suit your attire plays a very important role.

  1. Think of the Outfit Style

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    The first step towards determining what kind of shoes you should be wearing is recognizing the type of clothing that you are putting on. Different outfit styles go with different kinds of shoes. The type of garment that you are throwing on can play a crucial role in making sure that your shoes go with it. In most cases, you need to pick shoes that would naturally match with the kind of clothes that you are wearing.

    We are beginning to see many fashionistas start to artfully break this rule, but that’s advanced level shoe game that you may want to stick to until you have gotten some practice under your belt. The best way to go about considering your outfit is to think about what kind of clothes you’re wearing. Your first step should always be to determine if your outfit is professional or casual. This can help you pick types of shoes that are more appropriate. Other considerations include whether your outfit is a specific type of fashion or if it is focused on a specific activity. Certain outfit styles require certain shoes to look complete.

  2. Consider the Occasion

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    No matter how pretty they are, how comfortable they feel, or how discounted they were when you bought them, if they aren’t suitable for the event, the environment, and the occasion, then they can only be temporary. Well, the easiest approach would be to wear simple loafers or flat shoes for casual events, and classic pumps for any fashionable occasion, but that can get a little boring. If you want to play it safe without being dull, go ahead and wear those widely accepted styles but choose a unique color, or a pair that is embellished with a chic buckle or another accent.

    If you want to make a more dramatic statement, by all means, pair boots with your jeans, and sandals with your suits, but to avoid drawing the wrong kind of attention, you should still stick with shoes that are well suited to the occasion. Consider the day’s events and locations, for example, if an outing to the park is on the agenda, then it’s probably not a high heels kind of day, but where you really need to pay attention to which shoes you pick is at work, and at formal events.

  3. Dressing in Season

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    Of course, this is sometimes when you wear a pair of evening sandals when it’s cold outside, and you might even wear flip flops long after the official end of summer. But if, for example, you’re wearing fall outfits, the simplest way to select a pair of complimentary shoes, is to choose shoes that look like fall shoes. For instance, a pair of brocade high-heels will look far more at home with a velvet evening dress than a pair of skimpy sandals will, and those suede boots that you looked great in all winter should be put away with your down coats. But it is worth noting that some shoes, like leather pumps, that are indeed multi-seasonal, and weather permitting, there’s no reason you can’t wear open toes through fall.

  4. Understand the Importance of Colors

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    There are several ways to go about choosing the right colored shoes for what you wear depending on how bold your sense of fashion is and what kind of outfit you’re putting on. Although your shoes can be used as an accent in a color that does not necessarily match what you have on, this should be done deliberately and in a way that looks good.

    The easiest way to select the correct color for your shoes is to base it off of your outfits. Popular options for this include wearing shoes that match your shirt or shoes that match the color of your outfit. Wearing shoes that align with your shirt is a perfect way to ensure that your shoes really go with the outfit.

Remember that shade does matter when doing this. Wearing one shade of red shoes and a different shade of red for your shirt might not look great if the hue is inconsistent. Transversely, imprecise matching can make for a great look at times. Throwing on shoes that match the color in your outfit like, say, the color of a hat or accessories is another great way to tie your outfit together with a good pair of shoes. Finally, you can also purchase a pair of perfect shoes at wholesale womens clothing supplier SheStar.

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