Several of The Most Delicate Indian Flowers

Flowers are loved for their loveliness and essence since they are nature’s greatest gift to humanity. Rare flowers in India are believed to have therapeutic properties, giving credence to the fragrance and unique attractions of these flowers. Flowers are respected in India, and people bestow them on God as a sign of their respect.

Online flower delivery in Bhopal enables to express many emotions at once.  There are about 4 million different species of flowering plants on the globe. Approximately 6% of all plant species are found in India, making it home to over 18,000 different kinds of flowering plants. India has more than 50,000 plant species, many endemic (limited to a single geographical location). We’ve all seen the renowned roses, but do you realise there are numerous unusual flowers with their distinct appearances? Let’s learn about some lesser-known flowers from India that aren’t widely recognized.

Here Are Some Amazing Rare Flowers In India

  1. Flame lily

    Flame lily features wavy petals red to hot pink and orange in colour, with a yellow background. Each of the six outer petals of the flower has a turning inclination. Some Ayurvedic scriptures claim this flower has the power to cure many diseases, such as inflammation, skin problems, arthritis, wounds, and itching.

  2. Striped Dew flower

    The edges of the petals are narrow and dark purple, and there are five white stamens within. In addition to being available in bright orange and yellow hues, this blossom also comes in an orange-yellow tint. This uncommon flower is endemic to several southern regions of India, where it blooms in the spring and summer seasons.

  3. Shirui Lily

    In the Ukhrul area of Manipur in India, the Shirui lily blooms for a brief period every year, just during the monsoon season in June and July. While it seems to be white from a distance, the petals of this flower have a barely perceptible light blue-pink tint, as well as a hint of a deep purple-red splotch at the base.

  4. Law’s Ceropegia

    This flower is lovely, and it is indeed gifted with a unique rarity. This bloom is white-hued and elegant, with a little purple-ivory blossom on top. Like an enclosed bowl, it has five lobes that curve inward. It is on the verge of extinction and may be observed in the Western Ghats, known as the Sahyadri tubular flower.

  5. Rebe

    Before its being rediscovered in the national parks of Arunachal Pradesh, this flower was thought to be extinct. Rebe has two petals, two sepals, and two golden stamens, ranging from pale pink to ivory in hue. Besides its unique visual appeal, it is also notable for its therapeutic qualities.

  6. Long Flowered Spider Lily

    There is a touch of green in the middle of the lily, which has six lobes. Narrow and twisted petals of a milky white hue are present. In addition, the abundance of yellow pollen in the middle adds an excellent complement to the white petals.

  7. Titan Arum

    This floral’s uniqueness opens for only 48 hours and generates a horrible stench like rotting meat to draw in insects. The outside petals are green, while the inner petals are crimson. It might grow to 10 feet tall!

  8. Candy Cane Sorrel

    The colouration is candy-cane-like due to the white petals that are edged in scarlet red. These trumpet-shaped blooms have a South African origin since they may be seen blooming year-round in some places. Buds close when the temperature is chilly and at night.

  9. Kakabeak

    Its name comes from the beak-like form of the flower, with a purple-red hue. But the variety of this flower also has cream blooms. Buy rose bouquet online and keep them in your house and make your house more positive.

  10. Hairy Toad Lily

    The entire plant is covered in hair, hence the name of the plant. This flower has white to pale purple petals and features purple spots on them.

  11. Queen of the Night

    These are night-blooming plants consisting of cream-colour trumpet-shaped blooms with waxy petals. They’re at their most charming during the night when they emit a delicious aroma that lures pollinators.

  12. Yakla Snow Lotus

    This lotus is found in the Himalayas and Sikkim, at more than 3,000 feet above sea level. Its distinctive architectural look helps this blossom stand out from the crowd. It has a rich purple colour with purple bracts around it.

  13. The Yellow Ghost Orchid

    These may be found in India’s southern regions and eastern regions of the Himalayas. The unexpected appearance of the yellow ghost orchid is characteristic of it. Its bottom petals are long and curved, resulting in an entertaining appearance.

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