Shaggy Rugs For Sale in Dubai

The shaggy rug is named so for their unkempt appearance, mostly due to their fleecy and thick appearance. They are loved by everyone owing to their comfort and charm underfoot. In Shaggy Rugs for Sale, long loose yarn strands are attached at the top of the rug covering it with shaggy material, and then it is adorned with decorative knots at the bottom of the rug.

This rug style was originated in Turkey, and later in India, the word Shaggy was changed into Shaggie which has become a very popular rug style nowadays. With the popularity of the shaggy rug, there have been many companies offering to supply these carpets, but the best place to find them is from Abu Dhabi Furniture.

Shaggy Rugs Variety and Fabrics:

Shaggy rugs for sale come in various patterns, colors, textures and designs. You can also get them in various sizes. One of the things that makes them popular among customers is the fact that you can easily match it up with the interiors of your home.

There are many types of materials used in these carpets such as cotton, silk, nylon and even wool. The most important factor that distinguishes the good quality from the cheap rugs is the quality of yarn used in making these rugs.

There are several websites that offer Shaggy carpets for sale. Most of the times they are sold at very reasonable prices and thus saving a lot of money for the customer. These carpets are usually branded with certain logos or slogans printed on the shaggy rug covering itself.

The price of the Shaggy rug depends entirely on the type of fabric used. Different colors and prints are available in the market. The ones with different colors often give a unique look to the carpet that blends well with the interior of your home. Thus, if you like the look of the carpet, you might as well go for the Shaggy one instead of buying the ordinary ones.

Complete Guide About Shaggy Rugs:

Although the Shaggy rug is expensive, it can be bought in bulk at reduced rates. However, the discount is usually offered by the online shopping sites only. If you wish to get hold of a genuine Shaggy rug, you should make sure to check out all the sites available online, so that you do not fall into any scam.

When you choose the right type of Shaggy rug, you will be sure to love your home for a very long time. They look great under the feet and give that old-world charm to the place. Some of the people choose to buy these rugs for use in their bathrooms, kitchens or even bedrooms. They add that personal touch to any part of the home.

The shaggy rug can be used outdoors as well if the weather permits. But this can cause some problems when it is used outside in an open area because they are slippery and cannot stand wet. So it should be used indoors in enclosed areas like hallways, bathrooms, or kitchen.

The Shaggy rug can also be a perfect choice for decorating your office cubicles. They are available in various designs and sizes and give an old world look. This type of rug can also be used to decorate the floor of the workplace. It looks classy and elegant.


Shaggy rugs have also become a hit among the people who like a unique style. These rugs come in the traditional and modern styles. The modern ones look very stylish and chic and do not look like the ordinary ones.

When it comes to the type of material used for the making of the shaggy rug, you have a lot of options. Different types of wood such as cedar, mahogany and teak are used to make them.

You should try to find out about the different types of materials being used in the making of the Shaggy rugs before you finalize the purchase of a particular one. You can then order it online, to save the trouble of visiting the stores or taking the time to find the right store to shop in Dubai or any other country.

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