Shortcut Keys A Mac User Should Be Aware Of

Keyboard shortcuts are among the most unpraised things one could ever think of in the reference of using computers or laptops. These may be small in stature but helps a lot in saving time. Whether it is Windows or MAC OS, numerous keyboard shortcuts keys help a lot in our daily use.

Many users are already tech-savvy and know how to utilize keyboard shortcuts on their devices in the best possible manner. These computer shortcut keys help a lot to get your speed up in no time. In this post, I have pinned down some of the most useful computer shortcuts that will aid you in completing your chores swiftly.

Computer Shortcut Keys


By pressing Command+W, you can close the active window you are currently sitting in. However, if you want to close the entire active app window use, Option+Command+W.


This combination is used to minimize the currently active window. To minimize all the open windows, use Option+Command+W.


While using MAC, clicking the red X button most of the time, only puts them in the dock. However, to quit an app or a window, Command+Q is what is needed.


Sometimes apps become unresponsive. When this occurs on Windows, we start the task manager and end that particular app or task. However, to force quit a program or app in Mac, the key combination is Option+command+Escape.


A quick look is something a lot of people use to preview their items. The shortcut key combination for this is Command+Y. All you need to do is, select an item you want a preview by using Up and Down arrows to navigate in it and then press Command+Y.

Command+Comma (,)

This is one of the lesser-known commands on a Mac. This command helps in opening the application preference of the app you are working in. If you don’t want to use this command, you can scroll through to access the Preferences.


This combination is used to hide an active window. It is great for decluttering your screen when there is a widespread of apps. By Command+H, you can keep only a solitary app active.


These combinations are a swift way to view your,

  • Applications (A)
  • Utilities (U)
  • Desktop (D)
  • Home (H)
  • iCloud (I)

Control>Option>Command>Power Button


Control>Option>Command>Media Eject

These two combinations help you to power off the system quickly. App, operating system, and power these combinations shut down everything.


Using this combination, you can see your desktop for all the open applications. Hold the Command and Option downs and click anywhere on your desktop.


This command invokes Spotlight. You need to depress these keys and start typing your query.


To search or navigate to a website in Safari quickly, use this command, and you can start your search because this command selects the search bar instantly.


In Windows, when you want to see all your open tabs, the Windows+Tab button is the shortcut. For Mac, the combination isCommand+Shift+\.


Select a document in Finder and press Command+P. This will open the item, and the print dialog will appear. The same combination can be used to print the current element when in almost any app.


To immediately lock your Mac book, you can use this command.


This is a web browser tip that opens your last closed tabs in the browser.

Safari Browser Tips:

The computer shortcut keys list given below are some of the most useful one’s Safari browser,

  • Command+I: Open a new email message with the content of a page
  • Spacebar: Moves the window down one screen
  • Shift+Spacebar: Moves the window up one screen
  • Command+Y: Open/Close history window
  • Command+Shift+I: Opens a new email message containing the URL of a page

Wrapping up: 

So here is a list of the most useful and influential keyboard shortcut keys for Mac. These hotkeys can be used to ease your work effectively. The net time when you work on your Mac operated device, you should implement these pc shortcut keys.

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