Signet Rings and Family Crest Engraving

Do you want to celebrate your family heritage or a memorable event in the family? If your answer is in the affirmative, it’s time for you to seal the deal with a stunning signet ring.

Also known as Signet Rings or Crest Rings, Signet rings bring with them the age old tradition of your Coat of Arms or personal family crest. These rings that are usually passed down from one generation to another are now experiencing a resurgence as a must-have.

The History of the Coat of Arms

Since primitive times, humans have used a wide range of symbols for communication. Cave drawings were used by early men and Chinese made use of chops. Generally, symbols were used for identifying a tribe or an individual and the style as well as design of these symbols over a period of time went on to become the “Coat of Arms” as we know it today.

In the Middle Ages, when a knight or warrior was sent for jousting in tournament or to war, their identity was generally concealed by an armour. During these times, the shield and weapons of the knight or the warrior were his most important possessions. They used to decorate their shield, helmet plate, and breast plates with signs, patterns, and emblems to stay identifiable with their fellow warriors, giving way to the name “Coat Of Arms”.

With passing years, warriors and knights shed their armours as warfare changed in favour of a more suitable and protective clothing. However, the tradition of bearing and taking pride in the “Coat of Arms” continues to this day.

What is a Signet Ring?

Signet rings can be described as family crest or engraved rings that have been worn by elite people and aristocrats for centuries. Historically, the signet rings symbolised people of influence in politics and business.

In the past, signet rings were all about a family crest and featuring an engraved or raised symbol, letters, words, or an image on the ring’s top half. This was done for representing the wearer in a certain manner, such as rank, initials, family crest, job title, or organisation. Then, these stunning rings were used to stamp, sign, or authenticate a legal document.

Fast forward to 2020 and today signet rings serve as a sign and token of sophistication and elegance. Signet rings are now embraced by men and women across the globe as a proud icon and style statement of a flourished family ancestry.

In recent years, many prominent women have embraced signet rings and this amazing list includes names such as Kristen Stewart, Cara Delevingne, Bella Hadid, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Kate Moss. The College of Arms provided a crest to the Middleton family when Kate Middleton married Prince William. Pippa, the sister of Kate, is often seen embracing the gold signet ring.

According to recent research, younger people are these days more into these beautiful rings. Their primary purpose of buying signet rings is to buy a piece of bespoke jewellery that they can flaunt as a personal sentiment or family history.

Let us now have a close look at some of the available choices for metals as well.

  • Yellow Gold: The traditional choice for beautiful signet rings, the precious metal alloy is an excellent choice for both men and women.
  • White Gold: This heavy and strong metal is a mix of silver, palladium, and yellow gold. It is characterised with a naturally brushed silver-grey hue with yellow undertones.
  • Rose Gold: Also known as pink gold, it is a contemporary precious metal that derives its rosy hue from platinum alloy, yellow gold, and copper.
  • Platinum: One of the biggest reasons why platinum signet rings is an all-time hit with both men and women across the world is because it does not discolour. Ideal for a 14k signet ring, this metal is an ideal choice for a sentimental piece of jewellery.
  • Silver: A valuable metal, silver is a by-product of the refinement process of lead, gold, copper, and zinc. Known for its colouring and versatility, it is a good choice as far as signet rings are concerned.

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Wrapping Up

The family crest rings or signet rings are more than just another piece of jewellery. If you want yourself and your next generations to always be proud of your ancestry and tradition, this statement-making wearable is an absolute must for you. An essential iconic jewellery for trendsetters for centuries, signets rings truly add a sophisticated and elegant feel to your style while representing your unique values and tradition.

And there is nothing complicated when you decide to buy family crest rings or signet rings. You can simply choose from a wide range of signet rings and family crest engraving choices and get it customised the way you want them to be. If this is not all, you can make the purchase on the internet with just a few clicks through safe and secured payment options.

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