Social Media Wall – What Is It and Why So Useful!

In the current hi-tech age, technology plays a very vital role in all spheres of life, from connecting with your people to reaching your audience. It holds the utmost significance to choose the right tools and ways to attract your guests.

Spending immeasurable time and efforts on social media marketing and yet not getting a satisfactory response from the audience is a serious buzzkill. This is where Social Wall comes in.

In this article, we will provide a detailed elucidation on Social Media Wall and how it encourages user engagement and brand endorsement.

What is Social Media Wall?

Social Media Wall is a display of live feed on digital signage. It exhibits relevant posts from various social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc at one place, using hashtags.

These posts may include content in forms of photos, videos or textual reviews, and are automatically updated and filtered on the display. This gives your social image a lot of brownie points, and ups your game in physical settings just as much.

Perks of integrating Social Media Wall in your event

Social Media Wall is the ultimate strategy to create a family of users. Here are a few reasons as to why social media wall proves to be a huge asset for your brand.

  • Higher audience participation

Imagine a brand displaying your social media post of a selfie with the birthday boy or with the bride and groom or at a trade interaction of your brand, on a digital screen in front of a mass audience. Imagine feeling like an integral part of a celebration. Who doesn’t love that kind of appreciation and recognition, right?

The existence of a Social Media Wall in an event majorly boosts audience engagement as it makes your users feel valued. This inspires them to post more content in relevance to your brand and further attracts traffic.

  • Expand the number of your followers

Presenting your integrated social media feeds onto a single screen digitally attracts the traffic to your individual social media accounts. Hence, make it a point to manage and keep your social media accounts updated.

This allures the audience to follow your future updated and paves a way for your accounts to gain more reach and followers.

  • Create buzz

It is always important for a brand to convince its users to generate content online. Social Media Wall aggregates content through Instagram and Twitter live feed, hashtag campaigns, etc.

This escalates word of mouth about your brand and the event. It entices people to post in relevance to your event, and the more people post about an event, the higher the buzz it generates.

  • Quick updates

As a social media wall digitally displays live social media feed, it works as an instant platform to impart any prompt update or news to the users, simply by sharing it simultaneously on the social media platforms.

It can also be used to make immediate announcements vis-a-vis your brand, in the middle of an event. All it requires is an integrated social media.

  • Social proof

Before investing in something or buying something people resort to recommendations and reviews of other users. People trust their fellow buyers more than they trust a brand.

Exhibiting user-generated content on a big digital screen in an event makes it more reliable as people get to see their fellow peers following your brand.

This works as a social proof among the masses. It creates a sense of trust amidst the potential customers to give your brand a chance, thus assists in improving the conversion rates.

  • Incorporate entertainment factor

The addition of entertainment brings in a kind of vibe that is hard to miss by the audience. It is essential to involve the people be a part of the event. Encouraging them to share their funny photos or videos from the event and displaying them on the social media wall live works as an engagement booster.

You can also indulge them in gamification, puzzles, contests, etc. to attract a wider audience and generate more traffic.

  • Know your users better

A social media wall and the responses you get on a live social feed helps you understand your audience. Their preferences, the strategies they like, the products they like and/or dislike, their conduct, etc. all become pretty transparent.

These observations help you identify your target market and propose to them in a more assured way.


Social Media Wall is the ultimate tool to engage users and increase traffic by displaying live feed digitally. It helps in integrating various social media platforms in one place and exhibits content related to an event, corporate, a wedding or any other form of it.

It holds a lot of importance in this contemporary age, imparting so many benefits and opportunities for future prospects.

It is an asset which, when used properly, can generate higher user engagement, conversion rates, traffic and buzz about the event, to further escalate a brand’s success.

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