Step by Step Guide for Building Your Dream Wine Cellar

Designing a wine cellar in your home is a dream for many. The luxury and the opulence it can reflect will add to the value of your space. It is not just another room in your home. A wine cellar is an asset within your home that provides your wine collection the right environment to age. It also offers the perfect way to showcase.

So, when you are designing your custom wine cellars in Houston, it is obvious that you have to do it perfectly. Here, in the following points, I am going to tell you how you can create the perfect cellar for your collection. Take a look and follow them.

Tips to Build Your Dream Wine Cellar

Location of the Wine Cellar

Choosing the location of the wine cellar in your home is crucial. Technically, you can design the wine cellar at any place. But the location will have a future impact on the cost of cellar maintenance. The wine cellar should be placed in the coolest place in your home. This place should also be humid.

For wine, 55-58 degree Fahrenheit temperature and 55 to 75% humidity is essential. If the place can offer you something around the same, you can invest in a smaller cooling unit. The more unlikely environment will cost you more. This is why people create the wine cellar in the basement often.

Installing Studs and Soffits

For new construction, it is necessary that you frame out your wine cellar by sealing the walls and installing studs. Prepare the concrete foundation wall by sealing it first before you start installing studs. If you are ensuring better insulation value for your home, it will minimize the need for a bigger cooling unit. For this, you will need to obtain permission for residential and commercial wine cellars in your city or state.

Are you placing soffits to cover duct, pipe, or any other construction? Leave enough space from the lighting to crown molding and finished wine racks. This way you will ensure complete insulation of the space.

Placement for the Cooling Unit

When you are placing the cooling unit, create an adequately sized hole in the wall first. You need to have the electrical outlet for the cooling unit as well as a drain outlet for the unit. These units are for maintaining temperature in your wine cellar. Hence, you will also need a humidifier for your wine cellar. And for that, you will need a 110V electrical outlet.

Placement of Electrical Outlet

The electrical outlet will be connected with your cooling unit, humidifier, and lights. That is why the outlet should be in the right place. Also, it should not create an obstacle for your racks. The electrical outlet should be at the corners of the wine cellar where the wine racks will meet. This space won’t be used for anything else.

Wall Covering and Flooring

Now after insulation of the cellar, you need to choose the wall coverings. You need to opt for the material that is highly resistant to humidity. Common drywall is often chosen as the preferred option. You need to seal and paint the drywall for completing. However, when it comes to aesthetic appeal, you can get some other options.

For a custom wine cellar, go for the covering and flooring that will suit the rest of the interior of your home too. Wood, stain, or lacquer can be options for your wall covering. You can also customize the wine racks accordingly. For flooring, you should choose a material that is resistant to humidity. And for that, going for a bare concrete floor is a good option.

Racking and Furniture

Now, let’s give the finishing touch to the décor of your precious wine cellar. To stack up your wine bottles, you can go for the racks you like. Wall-mounted to floor standing, wooden to metal, there are various options for racking. You can also customize the racks the way you want.

You can find wine cellar furniture in Houston TX from the same agency that will take care of your wine cellar design or wine cellar restoration. Choose the ones that can complete and complement the design.

Creating a dream wine cellar is not difficult. You need to get in touch with the right people. State your requirements to them and they will take care of it all.

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