Stylish Promotional Backpacks for Long-Lasting Impression

No matter what industry you belong to, there is a possible chance that events are crucial to your marketing strategy. And custom bags and backpacks can help carry your marketing message in style. There is a reason why there are thousands of people attending a tradeshow, and they all love branded giveaways. Backpacks are a great promotional product that can help you show attendees the love while creating a brand impression that lasts a lifetime. Who knew that a simple backpack loaded with gifts could do so much?

In this blog, we will cover the primary strategies for using custom bags and backpacks for your marketing strategy and how effectively you can incorporate them to market your brand.

Promotional events offer the chance for meaningful interaction with participants

Relationships are the foundation of a strong business, and marketers show up in the events in creating those relationships. Marketers understand that promotional events develop a meaningful environment to communicate with audiences. As a matter of fact, 85 percent of marketers suggest that promotional events are vital to their organization’s success.

Another staggering point is that 34 percent of the companies use more than 25 percent of their marketing budget for organizing events. That is a large chunk of money, which makes it even more important to ensure that you are getting a good return on your branding money.

 From Promotional events to meetings and conferences – bags are used by everyone!

We all agree that tradeshow events are essential for creating impressions for many brands and organizations, but how widespread are they? The numbers tell an exciting story? According to an estimated report, 2.2 million events and meetings take place in the United States each year, generating a total of $68.9 billion in labor income. By evaluating the facts further, we can understand how these massive numbers break down:

  • In Europe and North America, trade shows and conferences amount for one-fifth of the planned meetings.
  • The resounding impact of the entire meetings in the United States, the GDP numbers are worth mentioning. Research suggests that promotional trade shows put up a whopping $120 billion to the GDP.

With such a vast number of meetings, conferences, trade shows, and other events happening across the United States, you can easily understand that the attendees have a lot of knowledge to unpack after the show. And there is a smart way to ensure that they take all their belongings home; by giving them branded custom bags and backpacks.

The power of backpacks

Why should one use backpacks? They are an elegantly simple customized promotional product, but also an efficient tool to deliver your brand’s message. This becomes interestingly true when those custom bags and backpacks are filled with goodies for your target audience. A simple, well-planned custom bag can create a robust and enduring impression on event participants, VIPs, speakers. The feeling is surreal, when the attendees get a branded backpack filled with promotional products, suggesting that your brand has created an impact among your potential customers.

Five Tips for creating a perfect backpack your attendees will never forget

1) Your bag should be sturdy

Bring out a wow factor in your backpack by customizing it with your business logo, tagline, or message. Consider choosing a bag that goes down well with your business idea, theme, or event, and ensure that it is the type of bag that your audience will absolutely love. Branded bags may be a costly investment, but they bring results in terms of re-use, social media posts for attention.

2) Your promotional gifts should be according to the visiting audience

Handing out gifts may sound easy, but it can become challenging if you giveaway the wrong set of gifts to the audience. Finding out the likes and dislikes of your audience allows you to prepare in advance for the gifts that they will enjoy and remember your brand for. If you are attracting a young crowd, tech-based promotional products will do a fine trick, and if you are attracting people above 40 years, you might want to give them customized apparel, mugs, etc.

3) Check out the event theme and plan accordingly

Know your target audience, and if your tradeshow event is cool or at a specific location, monitor that. Choose products that go well with your tradeshow theme. For instance, a custom tote bag filled with sunglasses, slip-on, sunscreen, and a beach towel creates a summer event theme.

4) Select your promotional events wisely

Before participating in a trade show or event, choose a significant event over smaller. A cheap promotional product may not create a sound impression as compared to an expensive one.

5) Your bags should be filled with goodies but allow customers to choose more

Stuff your bags with promotional products, but make sure that there are more promotional products on the table, especially if your event is filled with people from all age groups. While the participating are choosing the products they love, you will have all the time in the world to create a long-lasting partnership with your customers.

Backpacks carry your branding endeavors beyond the trade show event

When participating in the next trade show event, marketing conference, or just an office meeting, choose promotional products that will pay dividends. Bags and backpacks for events will consolidate your marketing message each time they reach for your promotional gifts, and the lasting impression will allow your brand to develop towards success.

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