Swansea University Scholarships for International Students

Joining international institutes for higher studies is the dream of every student. However, not many succeed in it. The reason behind this is the high tuition fees of international universities and the expensive living conditions overseas. However, international students can secure a scholarship and join the university of their choice without much hassle. Walk through this article to know about Swansea university and its scholarships for international students.

Most students fail to get scholarships because they are unaware of the criteria and deadlines. Swansea University is one of the leading universities in England, offering multiple scholarships to international students. You can explore the details and keep watch on their deadlines or even consult educational experts for better guidance.

If you are also looking for international scholarships at Swansea University, give an in-depth read to this article and explore the suitable options to proceed.

Top 8 International Scholarships at Swansea University

International students are always in search of scholarships that can help them continue higher education in a developed country. Swansea University is well-aware of its responsibility to pave the way for students in developing and underdeveloped countries of the world. This is why it is offering multiple scholarships at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Here are the major international scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate students at Swansea University.

International Excellence Scholarships (South Asia)

The international excellence scholarship is the very first international scholarship at Swansea University. This particular scholarship only applies to south Asian students securing admission to the university and showing excellence. The scholarship will offer up to a £6,000 fee waiver to undergraduates and up to a £4,000 reduction to postgraduates. Many students hire educational consultants in Pakistan to secure their admission and win eligibility for a scholarship.

Swansea International Pharmacy Scholarship (SIPS)

Swansea International Pharmacy Scholarship is the next international scholarship the university is currently offering to undergraduate students. The students securing admission to the pharmacy program will be eligible for a fee reduction of £2,000 per year. So, you must follow the admission process of Swansea University diligently and get an acceptance letter. Only then can you secure this scholarship and learn from one of the best institutes in the world.

Music Scholarships

Music Scholarships is the next international scholarship Swansea University offers to undergraduate and postgraduate students. The scholarship is jointly funded by the University, St Mary’s Church, and the Swansea St Mary’s Choral Trust. International students currently enrolled in taught degree courses are eligible for the scholarship. The eligible students can get an annual bursary of £650 and fifteen hours of individual tuition in their instrument.

Sports Scholarships

Sports Scholarships is another notable international scholarship at Swansea University. This is equally applicable to the students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs. The compensation will depend on the skills and expertise of the eligible students. The most important condition is that the students should also ensure quality academic performance to be considered for their sports expertise and scholarship.

The School of Management’s Developing Futures Scholarship

The School of Management’s developing futures scholarship is the next international scholarship at Swansea University. It applies to the students securing admission to undergraduate programs. However, the international students should be essentially from non-European countries. The scholarship is offered and funded by the School of Management. The eligible students will get a fee reduction of £2000.

Chevening Scholarships

Chevening Scholarships is another notable international scholarship Swansea University is currently offering. The scholarship is specifically for international students securing admission to the postgraduate program. The students must possess leadership skills and have an experience of almost two years of voluntary service to be eligible for this scholarship. The eligible students can even secure a fully funded scholarship, which is a great opportunity to excel in academics and careers.

International Postgraduate Alumni Bursaries

International Postgraduate Alumni Bursaries is one of the most important international scholarships at Swansea University. The scholarship is offered for the postgraduate program and applies to the Non-European Swansea alumni. The bursary amount will depend on the previous academic performance of the alumni. It can range from £5000 to £1000 per year for the high performing students to the ones with lower performance.

Commonwealth Scholarships

The commonwealth scholarship is the last and most notable international scholarship at Swansea University. This scholarship is only for postgraduate students from developing Commonwealth countries. You can opt any out of Commonwealth Ph.D., Commonwealth Split-site Scholarships, and Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships according to your interest. Contact educational consultants in Pakistan for further guidance and assistance in securing admission.

Are you in search of international scholarships?

Most international scholarships require interested students to secure their admission first. Swansea University is one of the best you can pursue undergraduate or postgraduate studies. You might miss the deadlines trying to explore everything on your own. Contact education consultants now to get a brief overview and utilize their expert service to make your dreams comes true.

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