The 4 Male Health Problems that is Needed to be Watch out for

We all have that one guy in our family who always refuses to visit a doctor. Such habits can be very dangerous especially in sectors of such diseases that gives zero symptoms when they reside in your body for long. Such ignorance from men’s part signifies why men tend to have a shorter life than women. Women can easily outlive men by living 4 years more than men. Why is this happening at all? Is it just because of the negligence! Or something else.

You can still see many health provisions giving importance to women’s health but men’s are of little importance. The reason for such ignorance is unknown and hence there’s an urgent need to acknowledge men to take care of their health by protecting them from dangerous diseases. If men can take extra care of their health and brings this in their top priority list, they can actually protect themselves from the top 5 diseases that has the capacity to spoil their life completely.

Also catching disease at an early stage is also helpful in diagnosing them to go with the right treatment. An early treatment will eradicate the dangerous disease lurking inside your body. Though we know that an illness come up with certain symptoms but there are certain diseases that are totally nil with their signs. They can stay in your body without any much of an information.

In order to protect such harmful diseases, undergo private well man check to take care of your health and be aware of certain diseases that you need to be aware of at certain ages.

Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular diseases have been the leading cause of death in men. This is not just a reserved seat for men but has become a reserved seat for women as well. This happens when cholesterol starts to build up within the walls of the arteries which blocks the normal passage of blood flow. When your brain and heart no more receives blood, this is the time when people have heart stroke or attacks. The plaques of cholesterol gets stable in the area and it leads to a blood clot which is when people suffer from strokes.

This was just a general view of how cardiovascular disease happen but you will be more shocked to look at its statistics. Report says that men suffer from cardiovascular disease much earlier in their life than women do. Because the plaque starts to build up more vigorously in the body, this disease has caused men to lose their lives without any second chance. Men are supposed to die with the disease at under 65 years. Men can prevent this situation by having a routine checkup of their cholesterol levels. The early they take action, the better it would be for them. Men should not ignore the screening test when they are just at the age of 25. Discuss with your doctor regarding the screening options. Make a habit of doing a test after every 5 years. These gaps are enough to detect if your body has gone through any biological changes.

Other steps that help in preventing such a lethal disease is to control your blood pressure, eating a healthy diet and being more active throughout the weeks. Quitting some bad habits such as smoking also help in cutting the health risks in your life.

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer has also been the leading cause of death for men as well as women. Men are caught with lung cancer much earlier and suffers from it throughout the life. The disease initially starts in the lungs and then spreads quickly without any strong symptoms as such. By the time you catch lung cancer, the disease has already been spreading into other parts. An early visit to your doctor is not enough to catch the disease under x ray. That’s why lung cancer has become so much more difficult to eradicate as it is always in the growing stage before it is diagnosed.

One of the main causes for such a disease is smoking. Smoking destroys the air passage of lungs which ultimately give rise to lung cancer. Lung cancer has become the leading cause for men and the ratio has increased over the past few years. 90% of men have suffered from this disease just because of their bad lifestyle choice. This disease can be eradicated simply by quitting smoking. If you have any problems in quitting it, you can take help from your doctor who can assist you in quitting as early as possible.

Prostate Cancer

The American Society has already presented a shocking reality of prostate cancer by stating that 27,730 men are supposed to lose their life if 161,360 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. The status indicates back to 2017! Men has a walnut sized gland which is located just behind the penis. At adverse time, it tends to enlarge and causes problems for men. This happens with age and hence every man needs to be aware of this disease so that they can get under control at an early stage. Prostate cancer grows slowly and does not spread from one area to another but however, it could be really pathetic at some time. It is only through health screening that a man can know about the condition of his prostate.

The screening test involves rectal exam and a blood test that checks for prostate specific antigen (PSA). if a man undergoes regular screening with a detailed discussion with his doctor, he can control the risk and will also get to know about it way before it takes on full fledged disease.


A lot of you must be thinking, why depression though! Is it a disease? Depression is itself not good for your health especially when it extends to many time period. A clinical depression has the ability to make you sick and also imbued the thought of suicide. Studies have shown that men suffer from depression more than a woman does. The reason being hidden somewhere in our cultural fantasizes. When a woman cry, it is okay for her as she is emotionally weak and hence she can express her feelings by crying. But when it’s about a man, he should not be crying or else he would be a source of fun making. Slowly men have started hiding their emotions which has affected them lately. They suffer in silence which brings utmost distress in their life and in their health.

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Depression is a serious disease which just like any other fatal diseases, needs to be diagnosed early. The symptoms of depression include- change in their appetite, gaining or losing their weight drastically, disturbed sleep, excessive fatigue, feeling hopeless every time, restless, and the worse case is when the person thinks about killing himself.

Suicide in depression has become common nowadays that’s why it should be taken into consideration when there’s an urgent call to think about ones’ health.

All these above mentioned symptoms will let you know when is the right time to take quick action on your health and how you should prepare yourself for a better living. Life gives you enough warning to look after your health, it’s the ignorance of men that leads to dangerous disease take over them. Regular health checkup will be useful to identify the unwanted growth in your body. Make an appointment for a full body health check up today!

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