The 5 Best Websites in The Construction Industry

  1. Hanse Steel Construction

    In one word, the website of steel construction company Hanse Staalbouw is ‘striking’. Visitors’ attention is immediately drawn to the full screen video on the homepage. This video highlights the work and employees of the company, so that visitors to the website are directly included in the story of the steel construction company. In addition, the green and yellow colors from the logo have been implemented throughout the website. These striking colors are very striking and increase the recognisability of Hanse Staalbouw. This use of color, together with the large images and typography, cleverly attracts and holds the attention of visitors.

  2. Holland Steel

    An example of a company in the construction sector that keeps up with the times with its website is the steel company Holland Staal. The homepage consists of interactive full screen photos of reference projects. Presenting projects that Holland Staal has carried out in this way distinguishes the website from other websites. It allows the visitors of the website to taste the atmosphere of the projects. Visitors decide for themselves in which direction they look and are, as it were, in the middle of the photographed space. The other parts of the website are very clear and clear, but the virtual interactive look into the work of Holland Staal is the distinctive element of the website.

  3. Jorritsma Bouw

    The website of the Jorritsma Bouw construction company is one that is unlike any other. It is a website that knows how to surprise and that keeps track of visitors. Where other websites use standard words for website navigation and different sections of the website, Jorritsma Bouw goes a step further. By using completely uniquely designed logo, icons and illustrations, the website distinguishes itself from the majority. The icons and illustrations increase the accessibility of the website and make the website pleasant to visit. The entire website is very user-friendly and fits seamlessly with their keywords.

  4. KWS

    On the website of KWS, the specialist in the field of infrastructure, a lot of information can be found, in particular about the various services offered and the projects. Nevertheless, this website is an example of a website as we like to see it in the construction sector. By making clever use of beautiful visual language, calm colors and a clear vision, the experience is very pleasant. It is also striking that KWS is active on various social media channels and also promotes them on the site. When visitors surf the website, they are given the opportunity to press social media icons at various times and places. This encourages visitors to follow KWS on these channels or to share interesting articles. Everything shows that the website has been well thought out.

  5. Sweco

    The international presence of the engineering firm Sweco is clearly visible online. A country-specific website has been developed for visitors from 15 different countries, which can be read in different languages. The extensive texts on the website, which are supported by beautiful photos and images, take visitors along in the story, way of thinking and activities of the engineering company. Original are the uniquely designed icons for each work area and the logo design. This logo represents a crossroads, showing Sweco that the company is focused on bringing people with different expertise together.

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