The 5 Most Common Causes Of Roof Leaks

Whether you live in a small or big house the last thing you would want is a leaky roof. Dealing with a roof leak is annoying because you have to go running for a bucket every time it rains or keep up with weather forecast at all times.

If you look closer the issue runs deeper than that as it puts the structural integrity of your house at risk. You may have to deal with chipping paint, damaged shingles, wet attic, and mold growth. All of these factors make a roof leak so annoying that every homeowner strives to avoid them.

Well, you cannot eliminate the chances entirely but if you understand the most common causes of roof leaks, it is easy to nip the evil in the bud. Work on eliminating the causes or create a maintenance schedule to address the roof issues in their earlier stages. Hire a Roof Repair Contractor in Sterling VA for quality repairs and you can safeguard yourself and your loved ones.

Let us have a look at the 5 most common causes of roof leaks.

  1. Cracks In Roof Flashing | Roof Repair

    Flashing hold together your house roof. These are thin pieces of metal installed under roof shingles and over the joints to create a water-resistant structure. It can be exposed or concealed, depending on the roof design.

    Many roofers use tar to seal the flashing together but it can corrode over time. If the flashing is justify exposed for too long, it can crack due to high winds or storms.  You can either fix it by securing the flashing with nails or hire professional assistance.

  2. Broken And Missing Shingles Roof Repair

    Asphalt roofs typically last for 15-20 years but they require occasional repairs. If you are searching for a cause of roof leak, take a look at your roof. Broken or missing shingles are easy to spot. Most of the time, homeowners can spot the issue by simply observing the roof from the ground.

    Inspect your backyard for pieces of broken shingles after every major storm. Over time the asphalt deteriorates and shingles start to curl. If you see discolored patches and curling shingles on your roof, it is time to hire roof replacement contractors.

  3. Valleys Are Not Sealed

    Roof valleys are incredibly important when it comes to leaks. Valley is the area where two planes of the roof come together and roofers seal these joints with utmost care. As the surfaces are sloped, chances of debris and subsequent water retention are very high in these places.

    Make sure the installation contractor has properly sealed these joints. Don’t forget to ask about the general life expectancy of sealant and hire resealing services after the time has passed.

    You can also minimize the risk of roof leaks by regularly cleaning the roof. The more slopes and valleys it has, the more important debris removal gets.

  4. Vent Boot Cracks

    Vent boots are crucial to maintaining moisture levels in the building. These are opening for small pipes that throw away excess moisture into the air. The openings in the roofing structure are sealed and secured with vent boots.

    Prolonged exposure to sunlight and fluctuating temperatures can cause the flashing and vent boot to crack. Water leaks from this area leave darker spots on the ceilings. Make sure to schedule yearly roof repair inspections. If you see any cracks around vent boots, get them fixed before they transform into fissures.

  5. You Had Ice Dam Buildup

    One of the most common causes of roof damages is ice dam buildup. The excessive weight of snow is dangerous for the roof underlayment. As the ice over the roof melts due to heat produced by the heating system of the house and then solidifies due to freezing temperatures, the roof sustain minor cracks. Hire Roof Repair Services in Sterling VA to identify the exact location of cracks and fix them.

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