The 8 Must-Have Requirements of Every Point Guard

The point monitor position is the main situation on a b-ball court. Try not to pay attention to anybody that tells you unique.

They are expected to do numerous things in the sport of ball that are altogether different to the next four situations on the court.

While the other 4 positions are for the most part centered around placing the ball in the band, the point watch should have an alternate, more group centered mindset.

Here are the 8 necessities of each and every point monitor:

They should lead the group

The point monitor is the augmentation of the mentor on the court.

They’re the ones that direct the group and conclude which plays the group will run. The point watch position is what might be compared to the quarterback in football.

This incorporates giving support to colleagues and siphoning them up before the game. There’s nothing better compared to colleagues slapping high-fives and yelling uplifting statements at one another. The point monitor should be the one that starts this.

They should have a group first disposition

When your point monitor thinks often more about his own details than the groups win/misfortune record, you’re in a tough situation.

It would be simple for a direct watchman toward spill down the floor and call the play that will set out a scoring freedom for themselves, yet a point monitor shouldn’t think often about who scores.

The point monitors just objective on every belonging ought to be to give the group the best an open door to score. Superfluous of who is the one shooting the ball or getting credited with the help on the play.

They should have the option to control the ball

The point watch has a great deal of things at the forefront of his thoughts during the initial 8 seconds of a hostile belonging. He really wants to get the ball down the court with his head up, read the safeguard, settle on the best play to run contingent upon the restricting protection, and get his partners in the right positions.

This passes on brief period to stress over assuming you will lose the ball or how you will get by your safeguard. Which is the reason spilling and ball-control abilities are critical to have in the event that you’re a point monitor.

They should have a high b-ball IQ

The point watch directs all that occurs in all-out attack mode end of the floor.

This requires the direct gatekeeper toward have a high ball IQ to control the rhythm and furthermore to peruse the restricting protection and realize which play will offer you the most obvious opportunity to score.

They should know where everybody ought to be during set plays

Assuming that your point watch knows where everybody ought to be on each play it will enable them to choose and run the best plays that will take advantage of the bungles or give the individual with the hot hand a scoring an open door.

They should have incredible passing abilities

This one’s self-evident.

The primary necessity of the point watch is to circulate the ball to his colleagues in places that offer them the chance to score. This frequently implies extreme passes off of a pick-and-roll or having the option to get the ball to the post-players on the block.

Extraordinary passing abilities are fundamental for all point watches.

They should know their partners assets and shortcomings

Once more, this returns to having the option to take advantage of the guard contingent upon befuddles.

The point monitor should have the option to use the qualities and shortcomings of their colleagues.

They should have the option to see in the event that a specific player enjoys a benefit in the post or off the spill to as needs be call the right play.


Running a ball group accompanies numerous incredible obligations. Most importantly, the point monitor should put the group before himself.

I was enticed to incorporate shooting as one of the point watch prerequisites, yet players like Rajon Rondo have demonstrated that being an extraordinary shooter isn’t really needed when you’re a point monitor. It’s perfect to have, clearly. It can make the game a lot more straightforward when the safeguard should respect the shot, yet I would exclude it as an outright priority necessity for point monitors.

Are there some other things you accept are prerequisites for call attention to watches that I’ve left? Leave a remark and let me in on your viewpoints.

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