The Benefits of Attending Live Conferences

You might feel a sigh of relief once you have finished your college education. Finally, you can take a breather from all the lessons and learning. If you think like this, you cannot be more wrong. In reality, you never stop learning, nor should you. Working on your knowledge and skills is a must in every field. Attending live conferences is a great way to further your knowledge in your field. Of course, it is not always fun and games. Sometimes attending a conference can be stressful. Especially if you are one of the presenters. Nevertheless, the benefits absolutely outway the stress. So, here are some of the main benefits of participating in and attending live conferences.

Get direct feedback on your work

Presenting your ideas in front of your peers can certainly be nerve-shattering. It takes guts and bravery, especially if you are presenting in front of somebody that you value. However, once you rip off the Band-Aid and just do it, the rewards will start rolling in. What will follow is priceless feedback from people that value and work in the same field as you do. You can use this feedback to your advantage. Implement the feedback while writing a scientific paper or when making a new business strategy.

A black microphone with red detail.
If you have the opportunity to present at a conference, do not avoid it. It will be an amazing experience for you.

Getting to know your peers is a great reason for attending live conferences

Networking is very important in any line of work and in every possible field. Pediatric conferences are a good example of this. Attending live conferences will give you the opportunity to get in touch with people all over the world or the country that are invested in the same thing as you are. It will also give you a chance to organize future collaborations and have relevant discussions about your work. After a good networking session, you never know what will be next on the horizon.

If nothing else, you will have a chance to share your struggles with your colleagues and hear theirs as well. It is always great that you aren’t alone in your troubles. Being in the same boat as someone else provides great comfort and support. You might even start a new friendship along the way.

Keep up with the latest research

Attending live conferences will give you a sneak peek of topics and issues that haven’t been even published yet. Not only will you learn new things, but you can also get inspired. Being inspired and motivated always transfers well to work projects. So, soak in all the new info and let your imagination go wild.

people sitting side by side in a row and taking notes.
Be truly engaged and listen to valuable information that your peers are sharing.

Advance your presentation skills and your soft skills

Being a good communicator is pretty much important for any job. There are not that many jobs that you can do in the comfort of your home without speaking to others. Being able to translate your thoughts to others in an acceptable manner is very important. Use this chance to work on your problem-solving skills. If you are presenting even better. Of course, the challenge is greater but so are the rewards. After an impressive presentation, you will have a Q&A session. You might spark a debate in architecture or basketball offensive line up. The sky is the limit. No matter which field you work in, make sure your communications skills are always sharp.

Let loose and have some fun

Just because you are traveling for a work function doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun. Attending live conferences has the main purpose of advancing your career and learning something new. Still, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy your free time. For instance, if you are traveling to London for a conference, use this occasion to enjoy the city as well. Experience all the authentic foods and visit all the great tourist sports. Attending live conferences doesn’t imply you should be stuck in your room when not participating in conference activities.

Interact with people you look up to

Very often, while visiting a conference you will brush shoulders with some of your idols. Those usually are the pioneers in your field. How awesome is that? Imagine having a chance to start a conversation with some of them or even plan a future endeavor together. That is a chance that you probably wouldn’t get otherwise.

people mingling during a conference.
Attending live conferences are all about interactions and networking. Don’t be shy and meet your peers.

Spark up intellectual debates and conversations

There might be no better way to get your juices flowing than to be a part of an intelligent and challenging debate. You will be able to share your views and opinions, listen to others, and have a back and forth exchange. Still, you want to be careful. Debating with somebody that has opposite views can be risky business. Make sure you are always respectful during the debate. Having opposite views is allowed but jamming your beliefs down someone’s throat isn’t.

Don’t forget to update your resume

Not long ago you visited, got help with your move and you have settled into your new home. Now it is time for serious business. It is time to start your job hunt. Updating your CV is a must. Don’t be hesitant to add all the live conferences that you attended. It will show that you are a dedicated employee that values your field and is keen on improving.

Attending live conferences should be a must for people who want to advance their careers. As you have learned by now there are many benefits from attending one. If you have a chance to be a presenter, we strongly encourage you to do it. It will help your career in more ways than one. So, where are you headed off for your next live conference?

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