The Best After-School Activities for Kids

After school programs can be a great option to help your kids develop important skills. Kids have a lot of physical and mental energy and you need to provide them a good way to utilize that.

Following are some of the best options to choose from.

Creative Arts & Crafts

Sick and tired of your kid drawing on the walls? Why not channel that creativity and get them to learn some creative art? You can have them engaged in activities like drawing, coloring, painting, clay, and crafting. They will be able to build skills like developing creativity and imagination and they will learn to express themselves. They will learn about colors, design principles, and compositions. They can even take it as a career.

Dance Sessions

Do you want to provide your kids a good workout without taking the risks of combative sports? Dancing can be a great option. It helps introverted kids to express themselves. It builds confidence, kinesthetic intelligence, and coordination. They are able to perform which helps them in many different areas of professional life where confidence matters.


You might have noticed that even a toddler tends to copy when they see you cook. Very few parents think of cooking as a skill but it is an incredible thing to learn. It helps your kid become self-reliant and independent. It can also turn out to be a great career choice. Cooking in a group helps them foster communication and cooperation. They learn to appreciate food and enhance their motor skills. Cooking demands creativity so it will also improve their creative skills.

Swimming lessons

Swimming is one of the most basic and important skills that every kid needs to learn. Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise. Most parents don’t let their kids around the pool when this is the time best for them to learn to swim. You can always start with a baby pool. You will have to dress them right and equip them with a floating tube. Make sure that they are working with qualified instructors.


Gymnastics helps the kids develop physical & mental strength and flexibility. They can run, roll, jump, and swing. Unlike other sports, gymnastics does not demand a certain age. You can enroll your kid when they are quite young. Aside from physical well-being, performing gymnastics will boost your kid’s cognitive skills.

Taekwondo (Martial Arts)

Does your kid have a competitive nature? Do you feel that your kid has a lot of energy? Why not provide an outlet for this energy and teach them how to control their aggression. Enroll your kids into Martial art program like Taekwondo classes. Your kid will learn how to defend himself, learn to be respectful and disciplined, and learn the values of team-work.

You can also have your kid take-up sports like soccer and basketball. Tennis or badminton is great options as well. All these sports or activities will not only help with muscle and bone development but it will also help develop competitive and mental skills.


Yoga can teach your kids the all important skill of controlling and calming their mind. This is something even the adults need to learn. It is a spiritual practice that helps bring your kid to better consciousness. Yoga will encourage them to live a balanced life. They will learn to concentrate and be mindful of their surroundings. Yoga will also introduce the element of calmness into your kid’s busy days.

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Music Classes

If your kid is not into physical activity, they can join music classes. They can choose to play an instrument or learn to sing. This will help them in improving test scores, increase I.Q and language development.

Theater Performing

Theater Performing can help your kid develop speaking skills, self-confidence & improve academic performance. Like martial arts & other sports, theater performing also teaches kids to work collectively towards achieving a common goal.

Every kid has a unique skill or talent that you need to explore. As a parent, you will have to find the most suitable after school activity for your kid. And they can always change based on their likes and dislikes. The goal is to keep them active and learning new things.

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