The Future Of Design Education In India

Many public and private colleges and design schools in India offer a wide variety of course curriculums in design at every academic level. A bachelor’s degree in designing or B. Design in India can provide excellent career prospects in multiple creative domains such as fashion designing, graphic designing, game designing, urban planning and much more. Explore UPES School of Design, a prestigious -university which offers cutting-edge specialisations .

Design courses are specially customised to provide students with an effective combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in subjects like photography and graphics. You can also choose other course specialisations such as theatre designing, jewellery creation or textile designing.

Read this blog to understand the career scope of design education in India and explore some creative career options available with a design degree.

What is the scope of a B. Design degree in India?

Although relatively new, the design industry in India has matured over the years. As per a recent report by the British Council, the potential market for design products and services can be expected to be worth Rs 188.32 billion by the end of 2020. The report also mentioned that only 20% of the design market potential is currently being tapped.

International partnerships also support the boom in the design industry in the country with design pioneers like France, Germany and the UK. The Government of India has also offered support in the form of new national initiatives or the establishment of government design universities.

All these developments have dramatically increased the diversity and frequency of career openings in the Indian designing industry. Design graduates can now choose from a wider variety of creatively satisfying and financially rewarding career options.

What are the career prospects of pursuing design education?

There are plenty of designing career alternatives that can allow you to capitalise on your creativity and a keen eye for details. Here are a few exciting designing career options which might catch your eye.

  • Graphic Designers:

    Graphic designing is one of the most popular careers in the design industry and has applications in a lot of associated domains such as media, print or even scientific research. Graphic designers play with different kinds of pictures, images, texts or even symbols to create visuals that can communicate the intended message to the target audience.

  • Photographers:

    Photographers either work as freelancers or are employed by media and fashion houses. They capture real-life images of people, events, abstract concepts or even inanimate objects to document them. The profession has many specialisations including fashion photography, forensic photography, journalistic photography or portrait photography. Modern-day photographers also need to be well-versed in photo-editing, social media and a bit of graphic designing for added career advantage.

  • Multimedia Artists:

    Multimedia artists are creative professionals who create animations and special effects for videos, short films, video games or feature productions. They work with animators and artists to bring their creations to life. Most multimedia artists are experts in media-associated software programming, graphic designing and other types of motion graphics.

Apart from these alternatives, you can also pursue other careers in the media industry, such as advertising managers or film and video editors. Consider enrolling in a reputed school of design today to become a successful designer in the future.

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