The Importance of Computer Glasses

Long hours of screen time can cause eyestrain, headaches, insomnia, and even vision problems. That is why wearing computer glasses with a blue light filter is highly beneficial.

In today’s fast-paced and digitally connected world, most people stare at their computer screens and other devices for more than six hours, exposing their eyes to the possible harmful effects of blue light. Some of them have even become dependent on their smartphones and tablets for accomplishing just about any task.

Anti-glare glasses are designed to address the common symptoms of computer vision syndrome. Wearing them every time you are in front of digital screens can benefit you in several ways.

Read further to learn more about these glasses, including how they work, their benefits, and how to choose the right pair.

How Computer Glasses Work

Computer glasses are specially designed eyeglasses that can optimize your vision when you are looking at digital screens. They can help increase contrast, reduce glare, and maximize your vision through the lenses to make it easier and more comfortable to look at screens for long hours. Some can have multifocal lenses so you can shift your focus quickly between far, intermediate, and close distances.

Generally, here are the two features you can find in these kinds of glasses:

  • Anti-Reflective Coating – This helps minimize the glare that bounces off the screen, along with the light that comes from the device.
  • Glass Color Tinting – This function increases the screen’s contrast without causing damage to your eyes.

4 Benefits of Using Computer Glasses

No one wants to suffer from blurred vision, eyestrain, or computer-related headaches. Here are the four benefits that come with wearing a good pair of computer glasses.

Minimizes Glare

As the light bounces off the digital screen, it creates a glare that obstructs proper vision. And this can cause your pupils to dilate continuously in an attempt to keep up with the light. By wearing computer glasses with anti-glare coating, the fatiguing screen glare is kept to a minimum, thus preventing your eyes from protesting.

Encourages Good Posture

To get a better view of your digital screens, you may hunch closer to your device or peer over your glasses. But this can cause more harm than good.

Computer glasses can give you clearer vision from a normal distance, thus minimizing the need to strain your neck and back. This can even prevent headaches associated with eyestrain and bad posture.

Promotes Better Eye Focus

If you have astigmatism, computer glasses can help correct it by laying the optical center of the lenses in front of your pupils each time you use them. The lenses can relax the required amount of accommodation to provide the largest field of view and keep the objects in focus.

Prevents Exposure To Blue Light

Digital screens emit blue light, which can harm your eyes in the following ways:

  • Causes Eye Strain – As opposed to other visible light, blue light scatters easily. This unfocused light will then minimize contrast and cause digital eyestrain as characterized by blurred vision, headaches, and neck pain.
  • Obstructs Sleep/Wake Cycle – Before the introduction of artificial light, the sun regulated the sleep/wake schedules of human beings. Darkness signals the body to produce melatonin – a hormone that allows you to sleep. But with the surge in the usage of digital screens through night and day, the blue light wave that these gadgets emit decreases melatonin production, making it harder to sleep at night and wake up in the morning.
  • Increases The Risk of Macular Degeneration – Studies have shown that blue light can penetrate through the cornea to the retina. It then damages the light-sensitive cells, thus increasing one’s risk of macular degeneration that can even lead to blindness.

There is no better way of preventing blue light from reaching the innermost layer of your eyes than by wearing computer glasses with a blue light filter. You may also choose glasses with yellow-tinted lenses to significantly improve comfort levels when viewing digital screens by increasing the contrast.

What to Look For in Computer Glasses

With plenty of computer glasses available today, it can be challenging to choose which one to buy. Here are the essential design features to look for in blue light glasses for kids and adults:

Blue Light Blocking Range

The quality of computer glasses with a blue light filter depends on how much blue light it can block, along with the wavelength range. Ideally, look for a pair that blocks at least 90% of blue light.

Lens Color

Computer glasses have different lens colors, including orange, yellow, and dark red. The darker the lens, the higher amount of blue light it blocks. This means that those with lighter lenses are best used in the daytime, whereas those with darker lenses should be used at night.

Prescription Strength

Some computer glasses come with magnification options to match your required prescription strength. But like reading glasses, they often have the same magnification in both lenses.

Fit-Over Style

If you are using vision correcting devices like contacts and prescription glasses, you can opt for computer glasses designed in a fit-over style. This way, you can just fit them over your prescription glasses.

Head Size

Computer glasses with blue light filters can benefit people of all ages, provided that they are using digital screens for long hours. Most adult versions can fit both men and women with average-size heads. So if you are looking for protective eyewear for your child, consider looking for computer glasses for kids. Otherwise, you might need to have it customized to ensure a good fit.

Frame Style And Color

Since computer glasses serve a utilitarian purpose, most of them come in tortoiseshell or black frames. But some brands offer them in different frame styles and colors to cater to varying tastes and preferences.

There are plenty of ready-to-wear computer glasses to choose from today. But if you can’t find one that suits your needs and wants, visit an optical shop. They will not just perform eye testing and vision prescriptions, but also recommend or customize the most suitable pair of computer glasses for you.

Get Your Computer Glasses Today

Most people think that eyeglasses are designed for vision correction purposes only. But they can also protect your eyes and keep your vision intact. Computer glasses, for instance, are designed to prevent your eyes from getting tired and damaged due to long hours of exposure to digital screens.

So if you are working in front of a computer or any other digital device for most of your waking hours, consider wearing computer glasses with anti-glare and blue light filters. This is one of the most effective preventive measures for keeping your eyes healthy in addition to frequent blinking, taking regular breaks, and using artificial tears when your eyes feel dry.

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