The Latest Eyewear Trends of the 2020 Autumn

The lockdown period is almost over and we are all set to rage the new autumn season with fashion. The 2020 collection of prescription glasses and fake glasses displays a huge range of both experimental styles and classic fashion. While you can keep in mind your skin complexion, your face shape, and your profession to choose the perfect pair to complement your personality, there are no hard rules and with such an overwhelming collection, you can never have enough styles in your wardrobe. Check these out:

  • Oversized glasses

The pandemic clearly seems to have influenced the 2020 eyewear collection. Oversized frames that provide a protective feel to the wearer are high on trend these days. Eyewear trends are gradually shifting from mini, mid 90s frames to big, face-shielding options.

  • Round glasses

Round glasses have always been in trend. However, the latest trends include modern innovations like thin rims, bright, glossy colors, and tortoiseshell prints. They are most suitable for square-shaped faces as they work to soften sharp cheekbones and jawlines.

  • Transparent frames

Transparent glasses is another eyewear trend from the last year that has made into the eyewear trends 2021 list. Made of plant-based acetate, these are lightweight and durable. When you look for reading glasses online, don’t forget to get a nice pair of these trendy tinted clear frames.

  • Wooden glasses

Wooden frames were always a part of the eyewear collection however they never made it to the hot trend list. But this year, with more practical and wearable innovations, they are all set to rage those fashion stores. Pair them with your funkiest outfits for a super cool look.

  • Thin rim frames

Thin rim glasses look very chic, elegant, versatile, and also lightweight. There’s nothing better than those thin silver, gold, or rose-gold colored glasses for an understated look. You can pair them with a crisp plain shirt for a smart office look.  

  • Geometric glasses

Ditching the mini frames from the last year, this season comes with more wearable options like geometrical glasses. You can get them in octagonal, hexagonal, square, rectangular, or unique geometric shapes. The sharp edges work to add angles to your face while also accentuating your facial features.

  • Cat-eye glasses

This classic is never going out of style ‘coz there’s nothing better than a bold pair of cat-eye glasses to complement your powerful personality. While cat-eye glasses have been the most demanded pair for women’s glasses, men can also experiment with different variations of cat-eye for a quirky and rebellious appeal.

  • Blue light glasses

Blue light blocking glasses are used to prevent blue rays emitted by tech screens from entering by reflecting them back from the lens. With increased screen times during the pandemic for work from home or online schooling, blue light glasses have hiked in popularity. You can get a blue light coating on your glasses when you go for an eye test

  • Tortoiseshell print

Tortoiseshell print for eyeglasses and sunglasses is high on trend this season. You can find it anywhere – on basic wayfarers, browline, cat-eye, aviators, and even round glasses. This print with a dark background freckled with splashes of a contrasting shade works to add a dreamy radiance to your complexion. If you want to rise above basic boring colors of black, brown, and blue, tortoiseshell glasses can add an interesting element to your look.

  • Aviator glasses

When looking for sunglasses online, you’ll surely come against at least one pair of aviator glasses. While top flat-line glasses are a popular trend of the season, aviator glasses are the easiest accessory to add instant glamour to your look. The teardrop-shaped frame front gives enough space for a wide lens, resulting in a wider field of vision.

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