The Millennium G100 Blind Chair

Are you looking for a hunting ground chair? Here we represent you the best hunting ground chair.

The Millennium G100 Blind Chair

When it comes to hunting in ground or for photographing, you look for the best, comfortable, portable and reliable chair in any weather conditions, then this chair is for you.

In hunting and photographing you need to be calm, just adjust your chair and wait for the opening for your hunt or for the best moment to take the best shot of your life, believe us this will be worth waiting.

Factors to Consider When Buying The Blind Ground Chair

  • Body Material

This chair has a strong solid body made up from a strong metal will bear any weather and conditions like heavy rainfall and snowfall.

It is durable and have a perfect shape while a simple vulnerable material can be damaged easily.

  • Seat Material

This chair has a comfortable seat in every feasible way. It is made up off polyester and foam, which will need a long run to tear up.

This seat is durable and long lasting in every condition.

  • Height of the Chair

This depends on your height or your level of comfortability. You like high seats or low seats it’s all up to you. You may ask for the multifeatured chair.

This chair is multifeatured, you can adjust this chair according to your height and to your level of comfortability.

If you are on one day trip or hunt, then it is necessary to have a maximum level of comfortable and believe us this is the best chair we are offering you.

  • Portability Check

When you are on hunt you want to move from one place to another. So, the portability of the chair is very important.

This chair can be fold into its compact size easily and can be move from one place to another easily. While some chairs are hard to fold in convenient shape and hard to carry from one place to another. So, the portability of the chair is very important.

  • Stand/Legs of a Ground Chair

The best hunting blind ground chair can be on minimum three legs also known as tripod. This chair is easy to fold in its compatible size or can easily adjusted even on uneven ground.

  • Backrest Check

This chair also has a backrest feature, you can relax your hands on your shoulder in the backrest, it will help you relax.

  • Weight of the Chair

You cannot carry a heavy chair with you all the time, so this chair is for you it is light weighted and easy to carry anywhere.

The weight of this chair is 16.6Pounds.

But this chair cannot carry too much weight.


  • Rotations and Adjustment

This chair has a feature to rotate at 360o so it is easy for you to rotate while hunting and while photographing.

  • Price Check

This chair has a very considerable price. And it will not burden your pocket.


  • One of the best product for hunting.
  • The best feature is 360o rotation. 
  • Durable material and steel frame.                             
  • Cheapest hunting ground chair.                                
  • Adjustable height makes is more comfortable.


  • Can be problematic for length and Height of people.
  •  Sometimes it put pressure on your Thighs.
  • Can be noisy if not adjusted properly.

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QUESTION: What is max weight chair will hold?

ANSWER: it is rated 300lbs. but we are confident it will bear much more than that.

QUESTION: Are the legs are adjustable?

ANSWER: yes, the legs are adjustable.

QUESTION: Do you get what you see?

ANSWER: No. The chair is separate. The monopod gun rest is separate. This is only the arm that attaches to the chair that holds the monopod. It has two adjustment points for custom elevation.


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