The Process of an Interstate Move

It’s needless to say that an interstate move can be stressful as well as overwhelming. Both local and interstate moving involve careful planning and execution, but an interstate move adds more tasks and considerations. The thought of leaving behind everything familiar to you sends chills down your spine, and it’s understandable. Relocating to a new place and starting fresh is emotionally demanding, but you have to deal with it along with the immense physical work.

The planning, packing, moving, and safety of your belongings and settling in a new place all sounds very scary, but it’s not as scary as you might think. All you need is an elaborate working plan and a will to execute it. But if you feel it’s too much for you or doesn’t wish to go through that stress, you can always hire professional interstate movers. Professionals like Brisbane to Sydney movers possess adequate experience in packing, moving, and unpacking.

Keep Common Things When You Plan to Shift Interstate

The following are a few things that will help in your interstate moving and take off the load.

Make a plan and start early

If you wish to move on your own, you will have a lot of work. Packing, arranging moving trucks, deciding the moving date, it all needs to be strategically planned, and these are not simple tasks, so you need to give yourself plenty of time. Start the planning and process at least two months in advance, then only you’ll get it all done by yourself.

Preparing for long-distance relocation demands more time and effort. Make a moving calendar and breakdown tasks accordingly to make an organized plan. You will also need to consider the weather conditions, travel time, and the route. All these factors will play an active role in planning the date of relocation.

Hire a reputed mover

An interstate move requires proper planning and fulfilling all the tasks at the right time. An experienced interstate mover can help you pack all your stuff and move it safely to the new location. However, you need to do some research to find the right mover for your move.  Ask your friends and colleagues whether they know about a reputed interstate mover. If they have availed the services of a mover in the past, they could recommend you the same. Moreover, it is best to search online about the best movers serving your area.

Local Services

Every individual and family uses local services like newspapers, electricity, cooking gas, internet, laundry, grocery delivery, and many other services. You need to apply for the cancellation of some services and transfer some of them to your new location. Apply for the cancellation and transfer at least one month in advance so that you don’t need to pay any extra charges. Applying for cancellation at the right time saves you from paying extra money. Also, if you have paid refundable security for some services, you can get it refunded if you apply for cancellation at the right time.

Effecting packing

Packing is the most integral part of moving because packing initiates the moving. Remember one thing that packing always takes more time than you think, so start early. Gather packing material and apply an effective packing system. It’s best to go room by room, that way you can concentrate on one area and also mark your progress. Remember to pack for the new place, not the old one; it will help in unpacking.


Packing the fragile items

The interstate move means your stuff needs to move a long distance. Whether you pack yourself or let the movers do the packing, all the items need to be packed carefully. Use proper cushioning for packing fragile items like glass and crockery. If you leave the packing to the movers, tell them to use proper cushioning for delicate stuff and also for electronic items like TV and computer systems. Never pack the heavy items on top of lighter items in a box.

The moving trucks

Plan the moving time and arrange moving trucks accordingly. Loading should be strategic, ensuring that the weight is distributed evenly and items do not break in transit. Prepare for moving the large furniture and items and ensure the safety of your belongings. If you are moving by yourself, make sure you know the area and the route. It’s important to know about the new place. It’s better if you have visited the new place at least once before actually moving there. Keep the essentials packed separately, and be prepared if you need a change of clothes depending on the traveling time.

Arrange for accommodation

An interstate move means moving to a new state, and you need to arrange for accommodation in the new location. If you have time, you can visit the new location and arrange for a house for living. If you have already arranged it, you should visit it before moving to check whether everything is working perfectly or not. If it is a rental property and used by previous tenants, there might be some problems that need to be fixed before you move and start living in it.

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We covered the basic process and the things you need to consider while moving to a different place in the above points. There’s no doubt that it is a hectic process that demands a lot of physical and mental attention. So, if you can’t put up with the stress, save your sanity, and hire professional interstate movers. Consider recommendations and reviews before hiring professional movers. And if you choose to move on your own, we have mentioned the things that will help you in the process.

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