The Significance of a Diamond Pendant

Pendants embellished with gorgeous diamonds are liked universally. Adorned with such pendants one can expect to look brilliant every time. The outstanding piece of jewelry often complements the wearer’s personality and brings a charismatic vibe in her vicinity. 

But have you ever tried to decode the reasons behind the unprecedented popularity of diamond pendant all around the globe? It’s certainly a fascinating story. If you are planning to buy a diamond pendant anytime soon, this article is absolutely relevant for you. 

Here in this article, we will discuss the significance of diamond pendants in much more detail. Besides, we will also explain the potential reasons why you might consider adding a stunning diamond pendant to your jewelry collection. So all jewelry enthusiasts, tighten your seatbelt, and let’s explore the world of diamonds in great depth.

The Significance of a Diamond

It all started in 1866 when the diamond was systematically mined for the first time in the city of Kimberley. Back then, who would have thought one day the stone would gather such enormous popularity worldwide. 

South Africa maintained its dominance in the international diamond market for a considerable period. In fact, till 1990, the country was among few other countries including the former USSR, and the Democratic Republic of Congo controlling the entire diamond market. So, it’s quite obvious that the sparkling stone gathered popularity in the African region first. But make no mistake of assuming diamond was discovered for the first time in 1866, archeological survey and religious texts confirm the presence of diamond in the ancient era as well.

  • Diamond as a Symbol of Strength

Do you know, the warriors used to wear diamonds? Yes, it’s true. In ancient Greece, the soldiers in the army were very much fond of wearing jewelry pieces made up of diamonds. Such jewelry includes neckwear, similar to the present-day pendant, handwear, like today’s bracelets and rings. The Greeks believed the stone would provide an unmatched muscular strength to the wearers and make them invincible in the battlefield.

  • Diamond as a Symbol of Love

During the Renaissance Period, for the first time, people started considering diamonds as a depiction of eternal love between two individuals. It was in this period only when diamonds became an integral part of the engagement and wedding ring. The trend that still exists in our contemporary world was started by Archduke Maximillian way back in 1477. Since then, the material has earned the reputation of carrying the symbolism of true love.

  • Diamond as a Symbol of Wealth

From the very beginning, diamonds were either excessively expensive or exclusively available to the ruling class or people placed in the higher slabs of the social hierarchy. Due to the magnificent crystal clear look, and unreal hardness, it became a part of the rich people’s lifestyle. And, it emerged as a symbol of wealth. Soon after, people started wearing diamonds to showcase their status and influence in society.

Since the beginning of the medieval era, girls and women started wearing diamond jewelry pieces like diamond pendants, rings, necklaces, bangles, etc. in order to enhance their sense of fashion.

So, diamonds are a part of our history. They have historical, religious, and spiritual significance that no one can deny. Wearing a pendant is the easiest way you can carry a diamond near to your body. But apart from that, there are a number of advantages that you can expect by wearing a modern-looking diamond pendant in your day-to-day life. So let’s discuss them one by one.

  1. It’s The Sparkles That Stands Out The Most


    Have you ever imagined a piece of diamond with no sparkles? Absolutely not, and the reason is, it is hard to separate these two inseparable entities from one another. For most people, the primary reason to wear a diamond pendant is nothing but to embrace the magnificent sparkles that it produces without any interruption. 

    Especially in the case of a pendant, the diamond will be located at the upper half of your body catching all the attention in the world. A simple halo round diamond pendant can bring the best out of you and term you as a fashion-forward individual in your vicinity.

    In order to stand out with your rich glamour consider buying a designer-inspired diamond pendant today.

  2. Low-Cost Factor and Plenty of Varieties of Diamond Pendant

    As mentioned earlier, diamond jewelry pieces were exclusively accessible for the rich in the past. But today’s scenario is completely different largely due to the arrival of multiple online jewelry stores. Of late, the cost of the diamond has reduced considerably owing to the highly competitive market sphere. Now, there are diamond jewelry options out there for everyone on different price ranges depending upon your budget.

    Let’s talk about the varieties. When we imagine a diamond pendant, there are few stereotypical images that roll over all of our minds. But, things are moving really fast, and now you have the option to select the best after comparing hundreds of design aesthetics. Even if there is nothing you find that really fascinates you, you have the option to go with custom jewelry pieces. Here, you can implement your idea and give it a physical form. In most cases, the custom diamond pendant is unique, innovative, relatively cheaper, and most importantly you are the true creator of that particular pendant. 

    However, some of the most popular forms of diamond pendants are:

    • Round Diamond Pendant

      Arguably a round diamond pendant produces the maximum amount of sparkles and you can pair this simple and classy looking pendant with most of your attire.

    • Vertical Diamond Bar Pendant:

      This type of pendant is ideal for all those working ladies who are often involved in outdoor activities. These pendants look extremely unique.

    • Letter and Initial Pendant:

      The letter pendant is a new-age fashion accessory. Here, you can either choose your initial or a word to express yourself or your beliefs.

    • Religious Pendant:

      Choose a diamond pendant featuring a vintage Evil Eye symbol to protect yourself and bring good fortune to you and your loved ones.

    • Prong Solitaire Diamond Pendant:

      A larger-than-life solitaire diamond at the center can be stacked with a lot of other necklaces and pendants present in your wardrobe.

  3. The Durability of Diamond Pendants

    A pendant is always a more durable jewelry choice if you compare it with a necklace. Its compact size and sturdy shape certainly give it an advantage. And when a diamond stone is integrated with a pendant, the durability factor enhances exponentially. As you must have been aware, diamond is among the strongest material found on this planet, so this much durability is certainty expected.

    As a result, you can wear a diamond pendant on a regular basis without worrying about scratches and deformations. Besides, you can also use a diamond pendant as a family heirloom which you can transfer from generation to generation.


A diamond pendant brings exquisite beauty and sophistication. You can also opt to present a diamond pendant to your partner as a symbol of love. However, you need to make sure that the online jewelry store you finalize is reliable enough to make purchases. 

Write down your thoughts on the diamond pendant in the comment section. And, also what other things that you would like us to cover kindly let us know that as well.

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