The Significant Role Played by Online Assessment Tools in Teaching

Conducting assessment tests for students to grade their work has been coming from ages. It’s essential to mark the student intellectually to promote to the higher education levels. So, it’s a big task for the teachers to manually conduct various tests, quizzes, exams, etc. especially if the student number is high.

The whole process of assessment is tedious, and this hard process has led to the invention of the various assessment tools to help both students and teachers to simplify the grading tasks. These tools automate the manual tasks which help teachers to quickly grade and give feedback to their students. Even students get immediate scores and they don’t need to wait for days to get the results.

People are making use of many Cloud and mobile assessment technologies to implement the smart education system. So, we’ve crafted this blog to make you understand the significant role these online assessment tools play to make the grading process easier.

  • To streamline the academic processes

    With the invention of online assessment technologies, you can streamline the academic process and administrative activities. For teachers, they don’t have to spend too much time in printing manual test papers and conducting exams for lots of students. For students, they don’t have to carry all the stationery they require for a manual exam. Introducing online assessment practices is one of the smart adaptations of the modern world.

  • Better, quicker, and accurate results

    With online assessment practices, you could minimise the mistakes and errors that happen in manual evaluation. Whether it’s simple calculation mistake or giving wrong marks for a particular question – all the silly mistakes are avoided. As online tools are programmed in correct way, you can expect it to give you better, quicker, and accurate results than manual grading. And the best thing is you can know the results on that instant instead of waiting so many nerve-wracking days.

  • Easy evaluation and grading

    With online grading, the computer does most of the work, from checking the answers to calculating the final score. This makes the process easy for the teachers to concentrate on other important tasks of teaching. They could concentrate on students more, by preparing for their next day’s lecture instead of spending too much time on the manual grading.

  • Monitor progress in real-time

    Cloud and mobile-based assessment tools allow you to monitor each student’s progress in real-time. Just type the student’s name and you will find staring at the screen consisting of all the assessment records like – tests attended, passed, failed, the average of all tests, and the position of that student among others. The one glance will enable a teacher to keep a better track student’s progress.

  • No scope of cheating in exams

    You might have heard how students find extraordinary ways to cheat in manual exams. However, there is no such chance with online tools. It’s relatively hard to crack into the security systems of the computers and they can’t do it without exposing themselves. So, teachers can know the worth of each student without any doubt.

  • Online submission of tests, assignments, etc.

    Online tools don’t only benefit teachers but also for students. Instead of submitting them on paper, they can send their online papers, tests, assessments, etc. online and get the feedback as soon as possible. In situations like COVID, it’s a huge help for students as they don’t have to fall back on schedule.

  • To get report cards online

    The best thing about using online tools is you can get report cards, statistics, etc. in online without having to wait for a person to draw it up for you. Teachers can use a single click to generate the statistics of the whole classroom in as less time as possible. Students can keep an online record of their reports to track them easily infuture.

So, there you go, the benefits and the role assessment resources play in the lives of students and teachers. They build a secure and trustworthy evaluation system in modern education system.

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