The Ultimate Guide To Buying Bar Stools Online Successfully

Buy stools online, something that can apparently be easy, and it is. What is not easy is to choose the right one, decide between aesthetics and functionality, modern or timeless. You need something that supports the children’s trot but is delicate. You are buying bar stools online, so you will have to imagine how they look in your corner of the house, imagine them just by looking at a few photos.

It can be complicated.

Something as simple as buying stool…right?

Do not worry. That to help you we are here. Our guide to buying stools online can make your job easier. These are points that we advise you to look closely at. Some are more technical tips, others more focused on trend and decoration. Get ’em!


The average height of a bar is 1.10 meters, so the stool height should ideally be between 80 cm high to allow room for the legs to fit spaciously under the bench. A stool of this height is perfect for adults. On the other hand, a very high stool is much more stylized and with a footrest, it prevents the legs from hanging. Maybe it’s less comfortable, but it all depends on what you’re looking for. No matter what you prefer, it doesn’t matter if you consider it before you buy it. Next time you visit a bar look at the measurements and use them as an example.


Let’s be honest. Although bar stools are generally comfortable, they are not used to sit for long. If someone wants to spend the afternoon reading a book, they use an armchair, not a stool. Your stool is an item you use for those 20 minutes of breakfast, great. Then you push them under the bar and they don’t take the room. Things change in a bar corner in a living room. Where space is not a problem and where the stool is a useful element, but also a decorative element. In situations like this, you can choose them with backrest, even with armrest. This will give you a plus of comfort at a longer time of use. It will bring class, style, and presence to the room. But keep in mind two things. The first is that a backrest stool is higher than normal. It will always be in sight as it does not fit under any bar. The stool backed by an element that you won’t even want to hide. The second is that, as a general rule, the price is less economical than the rest. Now think, what use do you want to give your future stools, where will they be located, what budget do you have?


If you have a family with children, the stools are likely to suffer extra wear. In these cases, it is preferable to avoid fabric and leather upholstery. Instead choose something durable and easily comfortable to clean like plastics, metals, or woods. Leather stools are very attractive but need extra care. It is advisable to clean the leather with a special product once a month.


Imagine the sound of legs scraping the wooden or tiled floor. You hate him, don’t you, not to mention how damaging it can be to the ground. It is advisable that the stools have good rubber protectors. Buying a stool online can make this action difficult, so read the product description carefully and also the questions-answers and comments of buyers. Online purchases of stools can be very convenient because you avoid travel. Instead, take some time to read reviews from previous buyers.


Knowing the height and depth of your future stool is essential. Comparing these measurements to table height is basic. Decide how the stools will be placed; under the table and out. Calculate how many you want to put to know the space that the person who is using it will have compared to others who share a table. Be sure of these measures and tips will help you narrow down your search and get straight to the point. Review the product card. In we only choose products that have a well-written, clear product sheet that does not lack details


If you have a room with minimalist decoration your stools can be an excellent way to bring texture, color, and personality to space. Rustic materials such as stone, wood, and wicker can add warmth and natural touch to an otherwise cold room. Similarly, if you have a room where wood predominates try to break this line with metal stools, polypropylene or a combination of both to provide contrast. Ask yourself this question, and answer it, before choosing a stool: do I want my stool to fit in the room or to be an element that stands out?


why not experiment with different styles at once? The key to this is to keep an equal element on all stools but vary the rest. For example, you could use all wood stools but with different styles of shades. You could use the same stool model but in a variety of different colors. Or on the contrary, you could use stools of the same color in a variety of different styles and finishes. As long as you maintain some consistency you can make combinations and mixes. The results Can be surprising.

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