The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Good Towels

What can be better than wrapping yourself in a towel that’s incredibly soft, plush, and beautiful by design? The right towel can make all the difference in your daily bathing experience. Plus a towel is part of your daily lifestyle so you have to choose one that absorbs the moisture rather than just moving it around your body. But how do you pick the best towel, not just for you but for your bathroom decor? The main thing to consider while choosing the best cotton towels is the softness, touch, feel, color, texture, and style.

There are several varieties to choose from that separates the towels from each other. There are Egyptian cotton towels, bamboo cotton towels, and 100% pure cotton towels. So before you head out to shop for a new towel range, here are few things to look out for when choosing which towel is ideal for you.

What Makes Cotton Ideal For Towels?

Naturally soft and absorbent, cotton is known as the best fiber available to make towels. All the best towels all over the world are made with combed cotton. That cotton is combed to remove any shorter fibers and leave the longest and stronger fibers which are spun into yarn and then woven into a towel that is durable and super absorbent. Plus that makes the towels less susceptible to linting.

Pure cotton is a popular choice among the largest towel manufacturers all over the world. Pure cotton makes it easy to care for and suitable for everyday use. Pure cotton towels are the most versatile in terms of color, style, and texture.

The Best Cotton Towels Texture

There are several cotton towels textures, we suggest you take a look at a few of the best ones.

  1. Modern Texture:

    The texture is the first-ever thing to look after while choosing a towel This Modern geometric pattern is produced by weaving a drop pile and high pile pattern which offers the towels a decent yet classy look. The textures make towels soft and absorbent, it also helps in maintaining its appearance after washing and drying.

  2. Waffle Texture:

    Waffle texture towels are perfect for those who want both texture and timeless style on their towels. The textures add a hint of smoothness, softness, and absorbency. The towels are super fancy so if you wish to have guest towels at your home then you should choose waffle-textured towels.

  3. Contemporary Textured Towels:

    Contemporary textured towels are the texture that you are most likely to come across during your towel shopping session. They are made with hand combed cotton that provides the towels with premium absorbency and quick dry features.

Best Types of Towels For Home

  1. Egyptian Cotton Towels

    Egyptian cotton towels are considered the best in the world, Egyptian cotton is known for its excellent durability, brilliant absorbency, and premium softness. The towels are prized for their long-staple fibers. Whatever the use, or whatever the occasion, the Egyptian cotton towels will not disappoint the users. There are several grades in Egyptian cotton as well and the best is “Giza 86 Egyptian Cotton.” This yarn is expertly woven in Turkey that helps in producing towels that are longer, plusher pile, and greater weight.

  2. Bamboo Cotton Towels

    Bamboo cotton is innovatively transformed into luxurious yarn and it is becoming one of the most favored components in towel production. The cotton is specially grown in Turkey and the towels are made with a blend of natural cotton and bamboo tree cotton.

    Bamboo cotton towels are ideal for towels for baths and even for the beach. They are also available in multiple colors, textures, and designs. Bamboo cotton is renowned for its silk-like softness and beautiful luster, bamboo is anti-bacterial and mold resistant so bamboo cotton is perfect for towel manufacturing. Bamboo cotton is perfect for all kind of users as the towels are lightweight, they dry quickly. The Bamboo towels perfectly maintain their silk-like softness after washing and drying.

How To Take Care Of Your Towels?

There are different kinds of towels, while all of them are different from each other. It is tricky to care for every single one of them. The first-ever suggestion we would like to offer you is that you should wash them once before first use. All these towels are made without using any chemicals and pesticides that may harm the environment. Washing them is a bit different than washing normal cotton towels. Follow these instructions and your towels would last longer:

To prevent snagging of the loops and towel shrinkage carefully follow these steps:

  • Use vinegar once a month while washing the towels. Vinegar removes the musty smell that’s justify in the towels after they are damp.
  • Launder towels with Luke warm water on delicate wash with like colors (do not add bleach in the washing mixture) and rinse thoroughly.
  • Tumble dry or low heat setting.
  • Don’t use fabric softener as they can get into the microfiber gaps of the towels which will make them less absorbent and reduce their lifespan.
  • Don’t leave the towels hanging on the hooks. Hooks damage the towels and towels hanging on the hooks take longer to dry.
  • Don’t use washing machines to wash your towels, hand wash them or wash them as you’d wash a delicate cloth.

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