The Ultimate Guide To Removing Embarrasing Photos From The Internet

Embarrassing photos on the internet are a nightmare that can do a lot of damage. Not only can embarrassing photos of people destroy relationships, but they can also hamper someone’s career as well. Often seen as a problem for only teenagers, embarrassing photos are equally as troubling for adults. Hence this piece has been put together to serve as a guide of the why and how to remove embarrassing photos from the internet. Let’s get started. To handle a problem, first, we need to understand just why does a problem happens, hence first we will identify the major reasons behind embarrassing photos.

Why do embarrassing photos happen

  1. Misrepresentation

    A lot of embarrassing photos of people happen because of misrepresentation. It happens when photos are taken out of context and a superfluous narrative is built around them, which has nothing to do with the photo in the first place. There have been many instances where innocuous pictures have been the source of immense ridicule for the people in the picture, who may have been oblivious of the repercussions when the said picture was taken. This is a serious problem and later in this article, we will discuss ways in which you can stop your pictures from being misrepresented.

  2. Imprudence

    The internet can make mountains out of molehills and make heroes and villains every day. A little bit on imprudence on your part, can you be the subject of a picture which goes on to get a lot of ridicule from the netizens. There is no full-proof way to avoid this as it can happen to anyone. However, some precautionary steps can be taken and one of them is being on your best behavior at all times, especially when you are in front of the camera!

  3. Rivalry

    Rivalry or vendetta or revenge, whatever you call it, is the major reason in most cases of embarrassing photos. Revenge porn is one of the most common ways where ex-lovers use sexually intimate and embarrassing photos on the internet to malign the reputation of others. This can not only lead to loss of face and respect but also immensely affect the employment and career advancement prospects of someone. Other times, someone you may have had a rivalry with, may get hold of some unflattering pictures of you and then use it to settle personal scores. There is a high chance of such photos going viral and if and when it happens, it can ruin and wreck the social and personal life of the victim. There are ways, however, in which you can avoid such instances and minimize the damages, if and when such instances happen. We will go over such ways in the next part of the article.

How to remove embarrassing photos from the Internet

  1. Removal

    Removing embarrassing photos on the internet is complex and often very tricky terrain but it is not entirely a hopeless exercise. Depending on circumstances in which the photo has been taken or is being used, the victim has the right to get such pictures removed from the internet and also prosecute the perpetrators. There are different laws in different countries that give victims something to fight against, however, the degree of punishment and standards for prosecution differ in such countries. There are, however, some legal and other options that offer some hope on how to remove your pictures from the internet.

    • Speaking specifically of UK, revenge porn is a punishable offense as per the Human Rights Legislation and Protection from Harassment Act. Further, anyone sharing sexual photographs without the subject’s consent can face up to two years in prison.
    • Copyright infringement can come to the rescue of people who have taken the photo themselves since copyright rests with the author of the picture. It is something that is accepted, acknowledges and acted upon by most social media companies, provided adequate proof of ownership has been provided. The existing law requires social media sites to take down content once they find out that it is in violation.
    • Speaking of social media sites, there is some hope as they have protections written in their respective individual terms of service. Twitter and Instagram allow avenues for you to report content that is abusive and includes copyright violations. Pinterest has a zero-tolerance policy on any picture which can be deemed pornographic. On Facebook, there is a way to send direct messages to the poster and it is often an effective way to remove such images as most pictures are often posted or shared without any ill-intention.
  2. Burial

    Removing pictures from sites is a cumbersome task that can take several months and even years. But fret not, as there is another way out and it is called burial. Just as the name implies, if you can’t get the images to delete, simply bury them! But easier said than done, as it is another complicated task which will take some time, though not as much as completely removing pictures. In this process, you use positive photos of yourself and get it to rank high enough on search engines so that negative images are receded to the final pages. The buried pictures won’t be able to do much harm to your reputation now that they have been relegated to the last page and mainly because most google searches don’t go beyond the first page. Posting a better image is though, just half the battle won as you will do need to do a lot more to ensure that your image can outrank a negative one. You can do so on your own by following all the guidelines or hire personal reputation management services to help you out with this.

  3. Be relentless

    Have patience because you are going to need a lot of it. You need to be patient and preserving when you have to remove bad review or so-called image as it can take several months and even years. That is the standard estimated time, even for people who don’t have a lot of content on the Internet. So the advice is to be patient and put in your best efforts to clear your name. People who have a lot of content or name recognition on the internet, will need to hire personal reputation management services over a long period to get the desired results.

Wrapping Up

Removing embarrassing photos on the internet is a time-consuming and cumbersome process and hence it advisable to hire the personal reputation management services for better results. Such services and service providers are available in abundance across the entirety of the internet, and there is every chance that you will be able to find a service provider that not only fits your requirement but also suits your budget.


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