The Use Of Chatbots On Social Networks And E-Commerce

As we all know, the online shopping has many options.

There are many channels for the distribution of products, as well as various ways to buy them: through applications, through e-mail or multimedia resources.

All these many options can confuse the buyer if there is no unified purchasing system on the Internet.

One of these concerns the factor of communication between the customer and the company.

To improve this aspect, in the last period on the trade a device called chatbot is increasingly used .

It is a system that is still being developed today, but tendentially is already able to help many different people to manage their business on e-commerce or social networks.

What is a chatbot?

Chatbot is a computer program that simulates a dialogue with a customer and therefore provides a certain service .

E-commerce chatbots are designed for the following purposes:

  • Assist in operations
  • Provide product recommendations
  • Customer support services

Even on this basis, it is sometimes difficult to imagine how these functions are implemented, because the technology is quite new.

Nevertheless, its operating algorithms are simple enough to understand and can be used without any problem by all those who are interested in it.

Basically, this chatbot greatly facilitates communication as it is able to provide the customer with the information sought in a few moments : easy, simple and also fast.

Chatbot: are they really needed?

Conversational commerce is not just an abstract concept.

Studies show that buyers are ready to shop online with robots.

Of course, many prefer to deal with real people, but chatbots are not scorned.

Here are some of the reasons why you should use instant messaging with an integrated chat bot when running an online business.

  • People use message applications very intensely.

According to the report of the news portal Business Insider, since 2015, consumers have used four main messengers: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber.

The main four social networks are: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

The use of chatbots in this context opens your business to a large audience, so your brand is always in sight and more buyers have the opportunity to make a purchase in your shop.

  • People like to buy through apps.

Messengers like Facebook are not only used to communicate with friends.

People also use instant messaging to make purchases.

Here are some statistics that show customers’ interest in shopping with instant messaging:

  • 47% of users are willing to purchase goods through a bot
  • 71% of users want to receive the seller’s services via instant messaging

On average, users are willing to spend more than 55 euros on purchases via the chatbot.

These high rates confirm that a huge number of buyers trust robots and are ready to use them for online shopping.

These numbers are expected to grow in the future. Therefore, the establishment of the bot will be justified by the growing demand from the market.

The factor of competition

E-commerce is a competitive environment. By including more other sellers, you must always be one step ahead and analyze the competition trying to understand how the latter is in contact with their customers. This is also important for e-commerce website design as well.

Studies show that successful companies now use chat robots .

  • By 2025, the global chatbot market is expected to grow to $ 1.23 billion with annual growth of 24.3%, says Grand View Research;
  • 80% of companies say they already use chatbots or plan to use them by 2020, according to a study by a report from the Oracle research institute;
  • 48% of companies already use this technology, based on the same study.

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