Tips to Shop for Organic Latex Mattresses

Sleep is one of the most essential requirements for a sound mind and healthy body. Following a proper sleep cycle not only relaxes our brain and improves our concentration, but also helps in many other essential body functions like a faster metabolism, increased immunity, and higher inflammation levels, among many others.

And contrary to what many people believe, one can easily improve the quality of their sleep by following some simple and easy steps. One such step is to sleep in a quiet and clean environment or being mindful of their sleeping positions. Another such easy and effective step can be switching from an old soggy mattress to a latex mattress.

As the name suggests, an organic latex mattress is a mattress made from the sap or liquid extracted from a rubber tree. These mattresses are produced after whipping, molding, and baking the latex into a mattress. Made from a plant-derived product, latex mattresses are totally eco-friendly and completely biodegradable.

Two Different Types of Latex Mattresses

Even though all latex mattresses are made from the same primary product, rubber sap, there are two different processes in which an organic latex mattress can be manufactured. These manufacturing processes are called Dunlop and Talalay, and the mattresses made from these processes are known by their process names.

The difference between the two latex mattresses can be identified by their density and weight. Dunlop mattresses are heavier and firmer as during the process, the sediments of the latex mixture settle to the bottom of the mattress mold. Whereas in the Talalay manufacturing process, there’s an additional step that involves freezing of the latex mixture resulting in softer and less dense mattresses.

Benefits You Get From a Latex Mattress

A latex mattress offers support to the neck, shoulders, and back, resulting in pain relief for people with joint issues. It is great for growing kids because of its lumbar support that helps their spine growth. This mattress has an open coil or cell structure, allowing even airflow throughout the mattress, preventing overheating during the night.

An organic latex mattress is also twice as more durable than a regular foam mattress saving you money as you don’t have to constantly replace your mattress every couple of years. A good mattress along with a natural latex mattress topper can last up to 15-20 years, which is good for the environment.

So, by now, you know must have obtained a clear idea about organic latex mattresses. We are sure that your next step would be to possibly try this mattress for yourself to experience all the amazing benefits it offers. But before you start looking for a latex mattress, go through our top tips that will help you find a perfect one.

Tips to Buy the Best Organic Latex Mattress

The tips shared below will not only protect you from buying a fake or synthetic mattress but also help you pick the best latex mattress manufactured the right way to give you maximum benefits.

  1. Stay Away From Synthetic or Foam Mattresses

    Another essential factor that can be easily overlooked by many is the foam composition of your mattress. Not every mattress advertised as natural is made from 100% latex. When looking for an organic latex mattress, make sure that the mattress is made completely out of natural latex and not a small portion of latex added to a synthetic mattress. This technique is often adopted by companies to make false claims and sell their mattress at a higher cost. Only buy latex mattresses made from 100% latex and stray away from harmful chemicals and irritants.

  2. Make Sure That The Mattress Has All the Necessary Certifications

    When looking for a good quality mattress, the certifications awarded to the mattress help you decide whether or not the mattress meets the standards set for it. A natural latex mattress should have certifications for its manufacturing process, quality of latex, bio-degradability, flammability, among other things. There are many national and international boards and organizations that constantly test and certify mattresses based on industry standards. The more accords and certifications an organic latex mattress has, the better.

  3. Keep in Mind Your Medical History

    Another important aspect that needs consideration while choosing a latex mattress is any possible medical history of back or neck pains. These factors are crucial in deciding which mattress one should buy and which to avoid. People who suffer from severe conditions or people who have undergone surgeries should take advice from their doctor regarding how firm or soft their mattress should be. If you need an extra firm mattress, consider adding a natural latex mattress topper to your existing mattress to give it a boost.

  4. Find the Appropriate Firmness Option

    After going through all the above steps once you find the perfect organic latex mattress, the last thing to check will be the density or firmness of your mattress. While purchasing a mattress, keep in mind your body weight and sleeping position as to whether you’re a regular back sleeper or a side sleeper. Your decision will also be dependent on whether you are an individual or a couple sleeping on the said mattress. Many companies making latex mattress even offer dual firmness mattress for your convenience.

While it is true that a latex mattress can be a huge factor in improving your sleep, one must be highly cautious against companies and websites that use misleading or fake advertising to sell synthetic mattresses at a higher price. But if you follow all our above-mentioned tips, you can be completely assured that your organic latex mattress is genuine, and its benefits are going to be endless.

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