Top 4 Beauty Review Websites in Vietnam

Beauty review websites have become a hot trend in Vietnam when online shopping is more and more popular. Online shopping, especially for health and beauty, requires peBeauty Review Websitesople to research carefully and choose the right reputable vendor to avoid “losing their money” for bad products. Therefore, many young people come to beauty review websites in Vietnam to read product reviews before deciding to buy those online.

The trend has lead to establish of many beauty review website in Vietnam.  A good website beauty review is considered not only having good content, but also requires constantly updating the trend, optimizing the user experience when people visit their sites.

So what are reputable beauty review sites in Vietnam  that you can trust when submitting your products or simply looking for the best quality review?

SuSuReview- #1 beauty review website in

With its in-depth beauty knowledge, SusuReview is one of the top Vietnam beauty review websites. It’s the website sharing users’ experiences when they are using the best skin care products. The Susureview team always creates compelling content with the actual experience, thereby giving readers free beauty knowledge, understanding about their skin and getting the right product that they can fix to them.

The website focuses on reviewing beauty products, skincare products, night creams from famous beauty brands in the world as well as in Asia, the new beauty hot trends are regularly updated.

Despite only building 2 years ago, SusuReview is the channel considered as a “super star” of beauty review websites that help beauty brands to reach  hundreds of potential customers every day with outstanding traffic, interaction efficiency and high sales. As a result, consumers get to know more about the authentic products and trust reliable reviews or receive trial samples from big brands.

Website is designed with the latest technology to optimize the user experience “Mobile First”. The website speed is rated 98/100 by google and accessible even though you are offline. The page is simple, eye-catching and friendly to users’ search and shopping habits.

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Facebook: – Favorite beauty review website in Vietnam

Not only have the beauty channel on YouTube, Happy Skin also fully shares useful beauty knowledge through the official website The website was founded by CEO Hoang Hanh Dung, she is the famous beauty blogger in Vietnam. Simple but effective, that’s what people think of Happy skin. The website spread positive energy emotions to people to take care of themselves and enjoy life.

Besides sharing beauty knowledge, the website also creates many different groups for users to easily consult and exchange experiences such as lip balm, spa, oily skin, and natural cosmetics. . Happy Skin hosts many big events that highlight participants and brands in order to help them  reach more beauty lovers.

Ellevn accompanies women in the fashion and beauty forum for Vietnamese women. The site is not only a beauty review website but also a place to provide complete knowledge around areas such as the fashion, beauty and know-how. Each article brings a new perspective, experience and learning to help people always be confident, active, exude abundant energy, full of vitality. It is not only a sharp, stylish girl but also full of deep, thoughtfulness. These short sharing, beauty skin, facials, sunscreen, .. bring a comprehensive new look in beauty treatments. Readers find here tips for taking care of themselves and new inspiration. With the interface arranged and designed attractively, is a completely good website for users.

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The webtretho community is one of the prestigious websites for Vietnamese women. Everyone can become an author on this website. Therefore, they have more than millions of participants. The website was established in 2013 to help you exchange experiences, confide, and express people’s opinions. Each article is well received, reflected, commented on in many ways. If you’re looking for experience about beauty, this is the useful site from the practical sharing of mothers. In addition, the site also adds other knowledge such as family matters, bride-making, parenting, .. very practical.

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