Top 4 PDF Tools You Must Know About

You may have several PDF files that you want to combine at once. Managing a lot of documents in different folders can be a little hectic. To make it easy users can merge all the files using an online PDF merger tool. And there is also a chance that you have combined the wrong documents that are disturbing the pattern of the entire content. So, you have to separate those documents. For it, you can go for PDF splitter online.

There are varieties of online PDF tools that users can avail of on the search engine. But some users never get an idea that which tool they should use for making changes in a specific document. To make it easy for the users, here we will discuss some PDF tools that users can use and make the working easy by editing their files.

  1. PDF To Excel

Sometimes a person needs to edit the documents that are in Excel format. You can’t edit the PDF document. For it, you have to use the online tools that can help you make changes in the document. Otherwise, you will have to write every line from zero and waste your time. If you are willing to make the documents editable without wasting time, you can go for a PDF to excel converter. These tools convert the document into excel format and make it changeable. Users can easily understand the working of this online tool.


Some of the best features that every PDF to excel converter provides to the users are

  • Easy Interface

All of these tools are very simple to use. The user just has to select a document from the device and place it in the tool.

  • Fast Processing 

Instead of doing everything manually, users can directly go for this tool and increase productivity making the process fast.

  • Download Files

After getting the results, users can directly download files in the system. Just click on the download button and you can save the files in your system.

  1. PDF To Word Converter

Just like the excel format, there are also documents that users need to convert into Word format and make editable.

Some people think that the word files can be made editable by using a PDF to excel converter. But one factor that you must remember is that the format of text will be disturbed if you convert the word file using a PDF to excel converter. So, you have to choose the tool wisely and get the benefit of its features to increase your productivity and make the files editable.


Some of the best features of PDF to word converter are

  • Drop Files Directly 

Instead of searching for the specific file, users can use the feature of drag and drop and place the documents directly in the tool.

  • Supported At Every Platform

The best thing about these online tools is that they can make be accessed at any platform no matter you are using Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

  • Accurate Results

The results generated by these tools are precise. So, users don’t need to worry about the accuracy of outcomes.

  1. PDF Merger

Once you are done with gathering the files, your next task is to manage them and keep them in their specific folder so you can remember the location of each document. But don’t you think it will be a little frustrating. You may lose some files that are important or forget the location of a document. So, you can merge all the files using an online PDF merger and convert it to a single page to get access there at any time. You will have an idea that where you have placed the specific document and will also be easy to manage. Hundreds of PDF mergers are present on the search engine. You can go for any of them.
PDF merger tool online


The best features that every tool provides to the users are

  • Merge Multiple Files

Users can combine multiple files at once and place them in a single format. This helps the users to save time and get the results quickly.

  • Improve Productivity

One can improve productivity by using an online PDF merger. This AI-based tool generates the outcome in a few seconds.

  • Easy To Use

These online tools don’t need rocket science to use. The interface is quite simple thus making it easy for the users to understand and use them.

  1. PDF Splitter

There is also the possibility that you want to separate some information from a specific PDF file. You can’t make it directly in PDF format. For it, you have to go for the PDF splitter. These online tools help you in separating the content. When a user uploads the file in an online PDF splitter, it shows every single page of the PDF file separately. You can select the files that are supposed to be removed from there or you want to separate those pages from that document.

This is another best tool that users can avail of for making the workflow better and separating the PDF documents.

PDF Spliter online


Some of the best and most common features that users can get in every PDF splitter are

  • Provides Preview

Before separating the files, it provides a preview on the screen where users can select the pages that they want to split from the original document.

  • Two-Step Process

Every PDF splitter has a small and simple process. There is no need to get into the details of working. Just upload the files and select the pages that you want to separate.

  • Download New Documents

After splitting the documents, users can directly save the new files on their devices by clicking on the download button.

Bottom Lines

To make changes in the PDF files, you always need an online tool that can help you in this regard. You can’t be made changes in the file directly. To get better results in a short time, users can go for online PDF tools that allow you to change the format of the file, merge the PDF files, or separate PDF files. These tools can be quite handy in this regard and can help in making changes in the content without the wastage of time.

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