Top 5 Auto-Saving Notepad Apps For All Devices

Nowadays, the traditional notepad apps get replaced by modern note-taking apps like OneNote or Evernote, using which you can do anything. You can take photos of a whiteboard, attach videos and images or even turn speech into the text. However, if you are not intended to do so much task using your notepad, then you can opt for a simple notepad.

Even a simple notepad works wonders with the presence of just two features. The first one is the auto-saving feature of your notepad. This feature is essentially important for any note-taking app as saving automatically on the notepad that you have typed in makes it more convenient to use and saves your data from data loss due to frequent computer crashes. The second feature is that it should be fast to access on any operating system so that whenever you type, it immediately starts writing.

Keeping all these parameters in mind, here we have suggested some of the best note-taking apps that can be used on different platforms.

 Best smart notebook

  • Notes (Windows, Mac, Linux)

    If you are looking for the best smart notebook app, then choose Notes as this is an excellent alternative for the macOS app. Being so feature-rich a device, this is possibly one of the best note-taking apps. Whatever you type in it, it auto-saves everything.

    Whether you are editing an existing note or writing a new note in it, this app will automatically save everything without the need of pressing Ctrl + S. On one hand, the justify pane of this notebook app will contain all your notes; on the other hand, the right pane shows the note that you are currently working on.

    As this app has nifty keyboard shortcuts, it is surprisingly faster to type, and also it is free to use on all platforms.

  • Quick Notes (iOS) and Notable (Android)

    Quick Notes and Notable are another two similar types of apps that are exclusively for iOS and Android devices respectively. While taking notes on these apps, if you get any notifications, then all you need to do is pull down your notification panel and proceed to jot down your notes. In the Notable note-taking app, at a time, you will be able to create multiple notes; while in the Quick Notes app, you can take only a single note at a time.

  • Bear (Mac, iOS)

    Bear is unarguably the supercharged version of Notes, but only for Apple users. Though this app auto-saves everything, yet if you wish to sync this app on two devices then that will be a paid service. But not to worry as the packages come in a limited range.

    What makes this iOS electronic notepad app stand out from the rest is its simplified hierarchical tagging system. If you want to file a note directly under the “todo” category, then you need to add #todo to it; whereas, if you want to file a note into the sub-category “work” under the “todo” mother category, then you should add #todo/work at it. This functionality makes it quite convenient for users.

    For beginners, this iOS app provides Markdown support to the writers. However, this app provides all these features; it does not include the split-screen view mode.

  • JOT (iOS) and Noty (Android)

    These two exclusive note-taking apps are more or less similar to each other. Both these apps are very easy to use, you just need to open the app and start writing your thoughts, without categorizing.

    JOT stands for “Just Open and Type”. The term itself signifies how the app can convey the core philosophy. It is more or less like a daily journal on your iPhone. Just open the app; you will get to see a black screen and the keyboard. After that, write whatever you want to write on it and close the app. Everything is saved here chronologically, so whenever you have to look at it, look at a date later than that. Moreover, here you also get the option to review as well as categorize the notes later.

    Noty comes with almost similar functions. If Noty would have had an ‘Auto-save’ option, then without any second thought, this would have been the best digital notepad app. So, just open the app, write on the blank slate whatever you have to write on it, and click on the Save button to save it. Here you won’t be able to categorize your notes but will be able to edit or delete it.

  • Papier (Chrome)

    This is by far the latest as well as the best note-taking apps. Here from simplified note-taking to complex copy-pasting of the entire article, everything can be done. It comes with an in-built character counter and supports rich text formatting. Here you can also save your text offline and you also get the option of Night Mode.

These are the top 5 best and easy to use note-taking apps that can be synced across any devices.

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