Top 5 Must Use Tools for Teachers and Writers in 2020

How do professional writers provide their readers with quality content every now and then? What are the techniques that help them with quick content preparation? A good writer not only works hard but works smart as well. The use of good technological tools is one tweak that comes into play for these professionals. Soft wares and applications are meant to make things easy, effective and error free. An article writer cannot complete his tasks if he is not using a grammar checker. The reason being that it is the easiest solution for proofreading issues.

  • Just like writers, teachers also need these tools to make content related tasks more manageable. A course professor has to check academic assignments including term papers submitted by students. How do they perform plagiarism related scans? It is not humanly possible to proofread one academic paper manually considering the word count it has. These papers comprise of thousands of words. To cater to several assignments, teachers have to use plagiarism checkers to find copied content.

Quick look at 5 tools that teachers and writers need

It is a fact that both teachers and writers handle content in one way or the other. Writers are responsible for producing it after carrying out some research work according to a specific set of requirements. Teachers have to work on assignments and check them to grade students.

1.     Plagiarism checking application

Copying content is against writing ethics because material that belongs to someone else is used in an illegitimate manner. The actual author owns the content so if any reuse has to take place, some important principles / rules come into play. You need to rephrase everything in such way that no similarity remains between the original source and the form that has been prepared.

  • Selection of a state-of-the-art plagiarism checker is a risk eliminator

 The role of a plagiarism checker is not small by any means. Writers cannot afford to have any second thoughts about the uniqueness of content. Whether it is an article, blog, product review, sales copy or any other classification, it has to be free of plagiarism. Websites and social media pages which publish copied material even once can be black listed forever. Even if this severe action is not taken, the SEO rank drops way beyond the first page. This happens when writers do not use a plagiarism checking application at all or opt for a substandard one.


2.     Paraphrasing tool for rewriting

Whether you are working on an article or writing a corporate report, be prepared to spend more than 80 percent of the total time on collecting facts. Can the information be used directly after being compiled? The answer to this question is no. This is not possible because after getting done with the content research tasks, writers do not have a lot of time available on their hands. Therefore, it is wiser to use a paraphrasing tool which takes minutes to rewrite content comprising of thousands of words.

Writers have to pay attention to several activities in the process of preparing content. The first thing is meeting the quality requirements. If the content is below the expectations of people who read it, it would get rejected without a lot of time being spent. Originality is the second factor which writers should be concerned about. This is something which cannot be taken lightly. Therefore, when a writer uses a paraphrase generator, he gets the assurance that rewriting is completely taken care of.


3.     Grammar Checker

Do I need to spend my valuable time on reading this blog? Is this article worth looking at? These are two questions that every reader has in his mind. How does he decide whether an article, blog or web page content should be ignored or not?  Readers mostly have two areas in mind. One is whether the content matches his interest or not. The second is whether the grammar is up to the mark or not.

  • If you think that readers do not notice grammatical mistakes, this perception has to be corrected. Serious readers do reach each line with complete attention so if there are any typos or the proofreading has not been done properly, they would notice it. A grammar checker saves writers from this embarrassment and helps with retention of readers. More than anything, it improves the efficiency of the written content.
  • A grammar checker mostly falls in the “free tool” category and ample options can be searched on the internet. Does this mean that all the tools are completely efficient? The answer to this question is no. More than half of the tools do not even check the uploaded content properly. This means that the writer keeps assuming that his content has been checked properly. However, in actual terms, it is submitted with mistakes. Therefore, before you pick a grammar checker, compare the best two to three options and then make a move.


4.     Online Text Editor

Teachers and writers are both responsible for producing well formatted content on their own respective ways. Some teaching a course at a college or university would be responsible for preparing exam papers as well. Once the questions have been put together in one place, they would have to be formatted.

  • A good online text editor helps teachers with all kinds of formatting tasks. For instance, if text alignment has to be adjusted, this tool can be used for it. It is an online application so the access is direct from your smartphone or computer without downloading any source installation file.

text editor

5.     Word Counter

Teachers have a look at certain prospects when they are grading an assignment or exam paper. Usually the educational tasks have a word limit attached to them. For example, a student may be required to write an essay of minimum 1000 words. How does the teacher check whether the word count is beyond the minimum limit of not? These teaching experts are responsible to go through tons of assignments so completing the word count without a tool does not work well.

  • The use of a word counter is incredibly simple. Once the writer has pasted / uploaded the content, the counting algorithm will be initiated and word count will be shown to the user. If you are a teacher or writer who has less time to complete multiple writing tasks, a word counter should be in your kitty.

word counter


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