Top 5 Watches Brands in Pakistan

A statement, possibly thee accessory to accent one’s style. Watches have a special place despite the digital age where everyone checks their smartphone to see the time. Possibly a more special place among the digital devices.

Watches are available in so many designs that everyone can find something they like. Brands spend so much time designing and creating beautiful timepieces. Each brand has its own design profile, with various lines that they produce watches for.

Some of the lines are for a classic look, others for a more modernist approach of minimalism. Many brands also cater to a young audience and as well as a younger audience. To cater to the later many have sports watches.

There are many brands one can peruse through and still be at a loss as to what they like or want. These are the Top 5 brands of an international standard and reputation that one can purchase in Pakistan:

  1. Rado

    A classic choice, especially with a slightly elder safari suit donning age group. It is one of the most sold watches in the Subcontinent. Originators of some features that are very common today, such as the scratch-proof glass. They make use of ceramic in their watches too.

  2. Rolex

    One of the most well known international watchmakers. Just the name Rolex itself is a cultural reference of style and wealth. With fine design set around their central piece, the crown logo the brand is known by. Their watches are of all designs, but the round dial is their go-to. Some variants are encrusted with jewels too. To read more specifications and know the official price in Pakistan, you can read here.

  3. Guess

    Another brand of renown, especially with the fashion-conscious. Guess has been putting out watches for many years, they are made by Timex under rights. The quality is not as comparable to some of the other brands in this is, but still, the design is at par with the best. This, generally, also makes Guess watches a tad cheaper than a brand like Rolex.

  4. Hublot

    A hit with the young and famous. Hublot the word is driven from the German word for ‘porthole’, which also explains the bezel of the watch. Hublot is known for making some of the most expensive watches of all time and also for their collaboration with Jay-Z. Hublot is owned by the fashion conglomerate LVHM.

  5. Gucci

    There are not many brands that started with fashion, then licensed their label for watches and later bought out the company that was producing them. Gucci is one such brand. This watch range is effortlessly chic, worn by many in all age groups.

     Given it is an atelier first, their design is influenced by their clothes too. Releasing watches that would fit their range very well. Providing a complete look from one brand.

These brands are all from a premium range; their quality and finish do justice. The designs are top-notch, making the wearer feel a similar energy. Some of the names here been here so long that their products are family heirlooms, with the newer designs competing at a similar level for the future.

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