Top 6 ways parents can help special children with Oral Problems

Have you ever thought why are special children called by this term? They are special because they don’t have the ability to understand or do routine work like normal kids. These children are suffering from mental, physical or psychological and have to cope with everything in a very special way.

Emergency dentist Tulsa on oral problems in special children

The physical appearance of these special children is also different. Most importantly the facial features are distinct thus affecting the proper growth and development of the teeth and mouth. According to Emergency dentist Tulsa, the children who have disabilities have an increased level of oral issues as compared to normal children.

Teeth Eruption Issue

The special children have growth and development issues; the rate is slow which directly influences the teeth eruption. The jaws and gums are under-developed because the nutrition reaches late to the teeth and gums. So the primary or baby teeth come very late; at the age of 2 years.

Teeth are of different sizes

Children with special needs can suffer from disorders like autism, cerebral palsy, Asperger’s syndrome, dyslexia, Down syndrome, deaf and dumb children, ADHD, cystic fibrosis and dyspraxia. The children have teeth that are of distinct shape, number, size and placement. The numbers can either be less or they can have extra teeth.

Bruxism or teeth grinding

Teeth grinding is a very common problem in all children. It happens because the child is feeling anxious or is stressed out. But the reason for Bruxism is varied in children who are suffering from mental and physical disorders. As they are unable to control their facial reflexes; it is a major reason for their teeth grinding.

Clenching onto food

The children who have physical and mental paralysis are unable to perform regular tasks that even other special children can do. They keep food in their mouths as they are not even able to chew the food and keep the food in their mouths. This is a big reason for bacteria to develop which ultimately creates cavities.

Decaying tooth

The medicines that are given to these children contain ingredients that can have sugar content. If proper brushing and oral care are not done then tooth decay will start. Other reasons for decaying of the teeth are extent vomiting and less discharge of saliva.

Misalignment of the teeth

Physical defect of the face makes sense to the occurrence of the misaligned position of the upper jaw with the lower. This problem remains with these children throughout their lives but there are clinics and dentists who are trained to handle these children like Pediatric Dentist Tulsa.

Damage or teeth loss

Falling down and getting injured is a general and ordinary thing that happens most of the time to children suffering from muscular misbalance, seizures, abnormal protective reflexes, mental retardation, and cerebral palsy. The fall can greatly damage the teeth and even the loss of many.

Diseases of the Gums

The defect in the immune system of the body has dire consequences even for normal people. So think how much it can affect the children with special needs? The gums become week and different diseases of the gums develop that makes the root of the teeth fragile.

Overgrowth of the gums

There are many medications that help stop the seizures in children, improve immunity and decreasing several heart conditions. The components of these medicines have a major contribution to the overgrowth of gums known as Gingival Hyperplasia. This is related to the Periodontal Diseases that occur in children.

Top 6 ways to help Special Children

There are top 6 ways that are suggested by the Best Pediatric Dentist for Your Child to the parents on how to handle these special children with love and care. Although, parents are very well aware of the tactics having a helping hand from the child’s dentist gives you an extra advantage.

Provide them with the power of choice

Like all children, these kids also demand that they are given some sort of freedom of power to choose things for themselves. This helps them to build confidence and they will be able to select the dentist of their choice.

Give Rewards not bribe

On conducting every good oral habit; the child must be given points or stars as rewards. Never give children gifts whether they are small or large; as it can be considered as bribe which is unacceptable.

Fun oral care activities

There are different activities available on the internet that can be of great assistance to make oral care fun. Music therapy has been seen to be very effective and soothing for special children.

Find a Child-friendly Clinic

Take your child to various pediatric dental clinics when you are going on visits. In this way, the child will also observe and you can decide on the clinic based on the favoritism of your child.

Make them familiar with Dentist’s Routines

You can also buy them dental kit toys to make them familiar with the tools and routines of the dentist. Ask them to act as a dentist and the parents can become patients.

Teach them through different resources

Emergency dentist Tulsa can suggest you different audio and visual resources to teach special children about different concepts of oral care. There are cartoons, animated films and live-action videos that can help.

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