Top 7 Foods For Building Muscle Mass Faster

People have this misconception that they can gain muscle just by going to the gym and doing everything they’ve been casually doing. Now this isn’t just a theory of people since they actually practice this theory. Mostly teenagers have this craze to build muscle mass and leave their skinny form to become hulk. And guess what they do for it?

They hit the gym, spend an hour or two 6 times a week and don’t have any special diet for it. This is the worst thing that you can do to your body. You’re losing calories constantly but not gaining them through food. You don’t gain weight, you lose it. This will make you look skinnier day by day and the main reason behind it is the lack of diet.

“What do I do now?” C’mon! Get a bit of a budget ready before you start to go to the gym. This will be for your diet. And of course, you’ll have to extract some time for you to eat the meals.

Remember, if you don’t eat enough, you’re not gonna gain anything. You need to have some high calorie and high protein foods with carbs, fats, and fiber in order to get what you want. For that, just add these foods to your diet and you’ll start to see good results in your physical performance and appearance.

Red Meat or Beef

You can say that it’s the most important thing that you should eat if you want to gain mass. Packed with protein, beef is a high calorie food that you should consider for your muscle building diet. It’s filled with vitamin B, zinc, iron, and many other minerals. And you know exactly how important protein is for your muscles.

The amino acids in the proteins in beef work with insulin to enhance the growth rate of your muscles. I don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t be eating this beast! Also, if you’re aiming to lose weight and get a lean body, beef is a great option even then.


Ah these poultry products are amazing. Did you know that the white of the egg is completely protein? This is exactly why bodybuilders have egg whites only and they discard the yolk. The yolk of the egg contains a lot of fats and cholesterol which is why it isn’t recommended that you over eat them.

Anyways, eggs contain vitamin D, essential amino acids, etc. which proves that they have high-quality protein in them. So, in a day, 3 whole eggs would be enough if you’re getting enough protein from other foods (which I recommend that you should). Otherwise, you need to add egg whites only to your diet in addition to 3 whole eggs.


After beef, I’d say that you should add chicken to your diet as well since it’s also a source of high-end and healthy protein. There’s a question that many people ask about having either skinless chicken or chicken with skin. Let me clear things out that the skin of the chicken has a lot of fat in it so it’s better that you avoid having it and go for the skinless one.

When your muscles are torn after exercise, this meal is going to give you a nice muscle repair job, improve your bone health, and balance out your weight. The way you are going to cook the chicken totally depends on your preferences. But remember that frying the chicken will add fats to it.

Cottage Cheese

You can’t imagine how important cottage cheese is for building muscles. It is almost pure casein which is a high-quality and slow-digesting protein. The slower a protein digests, the longer it can repair the muscles and make them grow. There are times when we can’t eat for a long while due to some reason.

For such situations, cottage cheese will definitely give you benefits with its long-lasting or slow-digesting ability. Of course, there are many more health benefits for this so it’s best that you add it to your list of dietary foods.


Okay let’s leave the non-vegetarian section of foods and come to the rest. Oatmeals are packed with carbohydrates since they have a low GI value. Plus, oatmeals are processed extremely less which makes them highly beneficial. They have a lot of micronutrients and fiber in them which makes you feel less hungry and also help you with fat loss if you’re looking for that! But don’t buy them unless you take a look at their product packaging boxes.

They must be high in quality because high-grade oatmeal brands use packaging from companies like Dawn Printing. However, the role of oatmeal in muscle building is that the carbohydrates help the muscles gain their energy back so they could be repaired faster and perform much better the next time you lift weights.

Veggies And Fruits

Both of these are antioxidants that are extremely necessary for your body to make the immune system stronger. You need to consume them for a healthy immune system. And the best thing is, they have fibers in them that will make your digestion process faster and proper so you could intake more food and get bulkier healthily.


There’s a whole list of foods that you can enter in your own list of diet food for healthy muscle growth. And it’s totally a misconception that fats are good for you if you’re looking for gaining muscles. You don’t only need proteins, fibers, and carbs to do that. If you don’t have fats in your body, you’ll surely end up looking like a veiny beast and you wouldn’t want that, right? That isn’t attractive, that’s unhealthy.

But there are the types of fats that are healthy and you should consider them. Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats are the ones you can call “good fats”. You can locate them in fish, nuts, veggies (with leaves), seeds, etc. Good luck to your journey of muscle building. Keep lifting weights and eating healthy foods!

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