Top 7 Spices and Herbs for Diabetic Patients

Have you been seeking treatment for diabetes? Along with medicines and treatment for this lifelong condition, you can try a bunch of spices and herbs that would leave a positive impact on your condition. Though diabetes is a condition which cannot be cured by herbs or spices, but it would certainly provide you relief from the symptoms of the condition, and would eventually reduce the risk of complications. The lifestyle strategies do play a vital role in treating any medical condition or disease. By improving your diet palette, you can embrace a positive change in your condition of diabetes. We are here with top 7 spices and herbs that are beneficial for diabetic patients. Have a read:

1.      Aloe vera

Aloe vera is one of the most medicated plants with several benefits. As people are aware from one of the most common benefit of aloe vera, that is treating skin conditions, but along with this aloe vera is beneficial and effective for treating diabetes type 2. Aloe vera effectively protects and help to build beta cells in the pancreas which ultimately produce insulin in the body. Aloe vera is highly antioxidant, which is one of the major reasons of being a cure to diabetic patients. You may add aloe vera in your diet by taking capsules that contain aloe vera or adding it’s pulp into a juice.

2.      Cinnamon

The fragrant spice which comes from the bark of a tree, cinnamon, is a popular ingredient which can cure diabetes type 2. It has the tendency to improve insulin and insulin sensitivity in diabetic patients, along with maintaining glucose levels, lipids, and fats in the body. People suffering from diabetes can reduce the risk of high cholesterol and blood pressure by making cinnamon a must ingredient in their diet. The use of cinnamon can prevent or slow cell damage. You may add cinnamon in your diet by taking it as a supplement, add it in tea or use powdered cinnamon or solid in cooked food.

3.      Ginger

Ginger has proved to be an ingredient which reduces high blood pressure and lowers the fasting blood glucose levels. Along with the benefits of helping in digestive and inflammatory issues, ginger is effective to be added in diabetic patients’ diets. Ginger has been effective in lowering blood sugar and may reduce insulin resistance in the body of diabetic patients. You may add ginger in your diet by taking a supplement capsule of ginger, brewing it into tea or added powdered ginger in your raw or cooked food.

4.      Gymnema

The herb Gymnema comes from India with a literal meaning of ‘sugar destroyer’. It is beneficial for diabetic patients to add gymnema to their regular diet. It can lower the level of fasting blood sugar and raise the insulin levels. You may add gymnema to your diet by using the ground leaf or leaf extract.

5.      Turmeric

Turmeric is a common spice which can be found easily in every home. It is proved by scientists, that turmeric can improve insulin sensitivity and reduce blood sugar levels effectively. It is considered as one of the most effective spice that could help to improve metabolism and fight diseases such as diabetes, muscle pain and many other. You may add turmeric to your diet by adding it in your cooked food, lentil soup or in salads.

6.      Cloves

Cloves can be an effective remedy for diabetic patients. Cloves are spices that have the tendency to lower blood sugar levels and fights the increasing sugar level in blood. It doesn’t only help in lowering blood glucose but also fights high cholesterol and blood pressure. Cloves contain Vitamin E, beta carotene and essential minerals which help in fighting against diabetes.

7.      Holy Basil

Holy basil also known as Tulsi, is an herbal plant which is proved to be effective at lowering blood sugar levels and A1C in type 2 diabetes. The antioxidants in basil like orientin and vicenin can protect the damage caused to DNA which ensure to lower blood sugar levels through cellular mechanism. By adding basil in your diet on an empty stomach, you can witness a significant effect on your blood pressure and sugar levels.

As a diabetic patient, you must ensure proper treatment along with an effective diet to lower your blood sugar level and prevent high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Thus, adding these spices and herbs in your daily diet chart along with your treatment for diabetes, you can witness a relief in your condition. Through a good diet and specific use of herbs and spices, you may reduce the risk of having any further disease because of diabetes. Take care and eat well.

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