Top Document Management System in 2021

Enterprises can capture the documents & covert them digitally through the document management system. It allows organizations to work efficiently without having to worry about their work files & data. A few features of DMS include storing, tracking, retrieving & sharing the data of files in a hassle-free manner. The document management system allows organizations to free up spaces by converting the files, printed papers, hard copies into soft copies.

The document management system also includes file conversion, metadata management, document editing, access controls, etc. Document management solution companies often allow companies to opt for contract lifecycle management along with the electronic signature. In this article, we will discuss the top document management system in 2021. But first, we shall discuss the features of DMS.

Features of Document Management Systems

Below are a few features of document management services.

  • Automated versioning
  • Imaging
  • Management of the metadata
  • Conversion of files
  • Share & collaborate on a document
  • Automating & archiving documents
  • Document publishing
  • Access & controls of documents
  • PDF editing
  • Customized searches
  • Integrated eSignature
  • Graphic based object manipulation

Why you should choose a document management system?

To understand document management more closely, you should know first why you should DMS in the first place?

Cloud storage:

Document management system allows you to save up the space of the office premise. If you start thinking about the pros & cons of the DMS for maintenance & accessibility, cloud storage is more hassle-free. The maintenance & hassles are of your provider. Cloud-based documents can be accessed anywhere from any part of the world. Though it needs a stable internet connection to access the documents, it is easy to get an internet connection in today’s era from anywhere. Cloud-based storage gives you more pros than cons.

Easy to use:

The usability of DMS is less complicated than hard copies. As you can find your document with one search, it will be easier for you to find the documents without wasting so much time. Try to invest in such document management systems that have a good search function so that you don’t have to waste any time searching for a document. Go for a demo run before investing in software & purchasing one.


The most important feature of the document management system is that it provides security to your data & files. It secures the data thus there is no fear of phishing & stealing data. However, you must check the security the software is providing before purchasing one. The software must comply with national & international law & regulations.

Price point:

The document management services are generally available on a cloud-based as subscription model with a 30 days free trial. Though the prices vary accordingly the services are provided, prices are often set according to the volume of data that has to protect. A few providers offer perpetual licensing for DMS.

Top Document Management Systems

Below are a few popular document management systems that have been quite popular for a while now. And, these will be great options to cater to the needs of your company.

  1. Hubspot
  2. Alfresco
  3. LogicalDOC
  4. Feng office
  5. Knowledge tree
  6. M-files
  7. Worldox
  8. Dokmee
  9. pCloud
  10. Seed DMS

Why softage is the best document management service provider?

With 25+ years of experience, 1500+ employees, 250+ clients & 1000+ major projects delivered that include, to name a few, Vodafone, Paytm, Indigo, Canara bank, Torrent power & Aadhar. The services it provides include an end-to-end tracking of the documents, disaster management or risk mitigation, up-to-date technology, a complete package of management solutions, a robust database of clients, with 24/7 tech support.

SoftAge solution is a top-notch document management service provider; it is a prestigious leader in this arena. The company has decades of experience in the field to digitize, manage & store valuable assets like digital information. Other than document management solutions, the company engages itself in other works like E-governance, warehouse management, KYC management, secure-shredding, physical verification, etc. The company, headquartered in gurugram, has other international offices in Dubai, USA, Kenya to serve the base of its international clients.

The importance of document management services has been rising with the digitization of the whole world. As industries flourish, it is becoming important to store & secure their data in compliance with the govt.

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